A guide to Dr Nowzaradan’s diet plan – Allowed foods and Benefits and What made this diet stand out from crowd

If you are familiar with Dr Nowzaradan’s diet plan that has helped thousands of people lose weight, especially before surgery, you might want to adopt it for fast weight loss. However, looking for Dr Nowzaradan diet plan pdf is not simple as the doctor tailors the plan according to certain factors related to the patient.

These may include the weight of the patient, goal weight, diet, and other factors such as any medical conditions they might have. This article will help you get information about the diet plan and let you decide if you should go for it or not.

Who is doctor Nowzaradan?

Dr Younan Nowzaradan MD, also sometimes known as “Dr Now”, is a surgeon, author, blogger, and television personality based in Houston, Texas. Dr. Nowzaradan received his degree in medicine from the University of Tehran in 1970 and a surgical internship in 1971 from St. John hospital in Detroit.

Dr Nowzaradan specializes in bariatric surgery and works as a general surgeon and vascular surgeon. Apart from that, he also works as a weight-loss specialist due to his experience in guiding through weight loss.

Dr Nowzaradan has written several popular articles on obesity, weight loss, and laparoscopy. He is also famous for a TV show known as “My 600-Lb Life”, in which he helps obese people to lose weight over a year.

What is Dr Nowzaradan diet plan?

Dr Nowzaradan plan includes a strict diet that helps obese people, especially patients, lose a considerable amount of weight. It is a highly beneficial plan that helps overweight people lose weight quickly and effectively for surgery and help with the surgery results.

This diet plan includes a strict and specific diet plan with all major food groups except for sugars. It comprises a diet high in protein and low in fats, carbs, and calories.

The calories must be around 1200, much less than the recommended calories. This plan, however, allows you to maintain a low-calorie diet that includes a healthy meal plan, and any diet that is below this calorie count can result in health defects.

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Why is it important?

Dr Nowzaradan performs weight reduction surgeries and assists obese patients before and after the surgery to monitor their progress. This is where this diet plan works for the patients, although it is also effective for someone who wants to lose weight without surgery.

However, planning is crucial when undergoing weight reduction surgery, and it can be risky with overweight individuals. This diet helps reduce weight before surgery in a healthy way and even allows the patient to stick to a healthy diet.

Things you need to know before starting the Dr Now diet

This diet consists of apparently a meagre number of calories, and if you are new to a diet, it can be hard to follow at first. 

It may leave you feeling hungry but do not let the number of calories scare you as it is a peer-reviewed healthy diet plan that is enough to fuel your body. It does not just help you lose weight but also trains you to control your appetite.

How to follow the Dr Now diet plan?

According to Dr Nowzaradan, he explains three main principles to this diet by using the acronym “FAT”.

1.    Frequency

The amount of meals suggests the frequency, i.e. how often you eat. According to the plan, you should have two to three meals per day with no snacks.

2.    Amount

The calories that a person should intake depends on several factors, including the weight and health condition of the person. There should be 1200 or fewer calories in your diet divided equally between meals in a day. So if you are having two meals, the calories are roughly 600 per meal, while for three meals, they go down to 400.

3.    Type

Choose the more filling foods and adjust the contents to be devoid of sugars as much as possible. The foods should be high in fibre and proteins and consist of low levels of fats.

Foods on Dr Nowzaradan diet plan

Here is the list of recommended foods that you should include in your diet according to Dr Nowzaradan diet plan.

1.     Protein sources

Lean proteins including egg whites, chicken breast, turkey breast, lean cuts of meat, tofu, fish, and beans should be part of the diet.

2.     Whole-grain carbohydrates

Whole-grain carbs that mainly include wheat products such as wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta, and wheat or corn tortillas are recommended.

3.     Fats and oils

Oils should be avoided in this diet as they are already present in many foods. Saturated fats should be avoided altogether.

4.     Fruits and vegetables

All vegetables are a great source of minerals and fibre, and all except for starchy high-calorie vegetables are allowed in the diet. Similarly, fruits low in sugar are permitted.

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5.     Dairy products

Dairy products that are low in fats or are devoid of fats are recommended, such as low-fat yoghurt, low-fat milk and cheese, and skimmed milk.

Foods to avoid according to the diet plan

The diet plan of Dr Nowzaradan is very specific that demands you to avoid fatty foods and some other foods that are allowed in other diet plans, such as nuts, popcorns, and oatmeal.

1.     Some protein foods

Protein foods high in sugars and carbs such as protein shakes, processed and high-fat meats should be avoided.

2.     Certain fats and oils

Vegetable oils, including olive oil and butter, are not allowed in the diet.

3.     Nuts and seeds

Most nuts and seeds such as almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, and pistachio are high in calories and are easy to overeat; therefore are not allowed in the diet.

4.     Fruits high in sugar

High-sugar fruits such as mangoes, watermelon, banana, canteloupe, and canned fruits should be avoided.

5.     Refined carbs

Pastas, white bread, rice, popcorn, and crackers are high in refined sugars, which are not allowed.

6.     Other foods

Other foods such as starchy vegetables, sweetened dairy, canned foods of all kinds, honey, and other high-sugar, high-calorie, high-fat foods are not allowed in this diet.

Dr Nowzaradan diet plan books

Dr Nowzaradan has four decades’ experience in treating and assisting overweight people in losing weight and has performed weight loss surgery on thousands of patients. The following two books draw from his career of experience with his cases.

  • Last Chance to Live
  • The Scales Don’t Lie, People Do

These books discuss mainly the impact that obesity can have on your life and your health and the details of surgical procedures that he performs on his obese patients. 

Dr Nowzaradan diet plan book does not give a set diet pattern, but they do focus on the importance of macronutrient consumption levels to lose weight healthily and efficiently.

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Comparison with other diet plans

There are various diet plans that you can follow to lose weight, and it is often difficult to decide what is best for you. A diet that excludes a particular food group or reduces the intake of a specific essential nutrient can pose many health risks for you.

Many diet plans such as the Atkins diet, Paleo diet, and Mediterranean diet exclude a particular food group and can leave you at risk for many possible health problems. It is essential to maintain a safe and balanced diet that caters to all your nutrient requirements in addition to reducing calorie intake.

Benefits of Dr Nowzaradan diet plan

Here are the top benefits of Dr Nowzaradan diet plan.

1.    Fast weight loss

Dr Now 1200 calorie diet plan for a month encourages and helps obese people lose around 30 pounds in just 30 days. Most people following this diet lose considerable weight with and without exercise in just 13-15 days.

2.    Reduce complications after an operation

For preoperative bariatric surgery, this diet plan is highly effective. It reduces risk after surgery and decreases the risk of death in patients post-surgery. Studies also show that surgeries yield better results after weight loss through this program.

3.    Helps with consistent healthy diet post-surgery

Dr Nowzaradan diet plan helps assess the capability of the patient to stick with a healthy diet after the surgery. Limiting food portions is necessary to eat less for a smaller stomach after surgery.

The bottom line

Summing it up, Dr Nowzaradan’s diet plan is an excellent way for chronically obese people to lose weight and opt for a healthier lifestyle. It offers all the necessary nutrients essential for proper body functioning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It is an excellent way for people who want surgery to lose weight for better results and maintain a healthy lifestyle after that. However, it is not advisable if you are looking for a long-term diet plan for slow and sustainable weight loss.


1.     Is there a downside to this diet?

This diet can be very restrictive for people who want to follow it as a routine and will not undergo surgery, due to a very low number of calories per day.

2.     Is Dr Now’s diet healthy?

Apart from restricting calories to reduce weight, this diet fulfils the main nutritional requirements of the body without increasing body fat which makes it a very healthy diet.

3.     What are the main characteristics of this diet plan?

The main components of this diet are smaller food portions and real, whole food groups, meaning avoiding processed foods and sticking to natural food sources in smaller portions.

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