Are home gyms effective, or are they worthless? [And Six Reasons why you should invest in a home gym]

A well-equipped home gym is a dream of almost every fitness enthusiast.

The convenience, freedom, and flexibility the home gyms provide are remarkable.

But despite everything, the age-old question is, “are home gyms effective, or are they worthless?

People hesitate to invest in home gyms because they don’t find them as effective as paid gyms.

However, in reality, home gyms are even more effective, as long as you know the basics of fitness training and gym maintenance.

You can read about the home gym basics in-depth in our previous post.

Let’s take a look at factors that contribute to home gym effectiveness.

1.   Your Privacy Factor

Many people value their privacy.

Not everyone is comfortable with socializing.

Though exercise is a stress reliever, working out at a gym may be exhilerating for some people.

According to a survey, 36% of men and 65% of women don’t hit gyms because they fear others judging them.

And surprisingly, it’s not just about judgment on weight.

People also fear judgment performing exercises wrong, how they look while exercising, or misusing the equipment.

In the context of privacy, home gyms are 100 times more effective than commercials gyms.

They align with your privacy needs and allow you to work out without any fear.

When you work out in your home gym, you have the freedom to learn and perform exercises at your own pace.

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2.   Your Workout Goals

As per most fitness experts, a frequently asked question is  ‘are home gyms effective, or are they worthless?’

According to fitness trainers and experts, the answer to it rests with your fitness goals and preferences.

Unlike commercial gyms, home gyms are personalized and customized to fit your fitness needs.

The problem starts when you fail to achieve your fitness goals, even when you work out regularly in home gym.

And it is because your home gym is not designed according to your goals.

For instance, if your goal is to lose weight (cutting) or bulk-up (muscle gain), your gym design would include specific gym gear and equipment.

On the other hand if you are designing a home gym for yoga and pilates, the design would be entirely different – little or no gym equipment.

If working out at the home gym gives you the desired results, then there is no need to rush out to a paid gym.

3.   Advanced Fitness Maintenance

Home gyms are also effective in attaining your fitness maintenance goals.

Unlike bulking and cutting exercises, maintaining requires little or no use of all equipment.

And if you can maintain your advanced fitness level without using equipment, then a home gym is a success.

4.   Productivity Level

One parameter to determine if the home gyms are effective is your productivity level.

There is a certain level that you must target for each workout.

For example, for aerobic activities, your target should be 50% to 70% of heart rate for moderate exercises and 70% to 85% for high-intensity.

If you can hit the required productivity level for each workout, there is no reason to believe that your home gym is not effective.

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Six Reasons You Must Invest In Home Gyms

If you are still wondering ‘are home gyms effective or are they worthless’ then here are the benefits that will make it clear for you:

1.   Save Commute to Commercial Gym

Home gyms are great time savers.

As they are just a door or two away, your 45 minutes workout remains 45 minutes.

It simply means that you don’t have to head out an hour or 30 minutes early.

Plus, home gyms save you from driving to and back from outdoor gyms.

It allows you to enjoy other things you love, like spending family time, reading a book, or watching your favorite series. 

2.   24/7/365 Days Accessibility

Commercial gyms are not open 24/7.

The weekends and other holidays make you skip a workout, even when you don’t want to.

But it’s not a problem when you have a home gym.

As the gym is within your home space, you can work out any time and any day you want.

With home gyms, you can easily make up for the missed workout time on the same day.

So whether you missed your morning alarm or a last-minute meeting popped up, you don’t have to skip a workout.

In other words, home gyms can let you work out without compromising the different aspects of your life.

3.   Zero Distraction & No Waiting

As home gyms are accessible to you or your family members, there are no distractions.

Unlike commercial gyms where you often have to wait for a machine, a home gym lets you skip the lines.

You can use the machine without any pressure or time limit.

Also, with no one distracting you, the workout becomes more stress-free, effective, and enjoyable.

4.   Freedom and Flexibility

One of the best things about home gyms is the freedom and flexibility.

Be it the interior, workout schedule, exercise duration, or the rules – home gyms put you in complete control.

When you get the freedom and flexibility to terms, fitness becomes addictive and enjoyable rather than burden or pressure.

5.   Self-improvement, Development, and High Awareness on the Family Level

Fitness is equally important for everyone.

From kids to teens to adults and seniors, we all need some physical activity to stay healthy.

According to World Health Organization, young people between the age of 5 and 17 must do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity per week.

Their activities should be focused on aerobic workouts, muscle-strengthening, and bone-loading exercises.

Similarly, adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise per week.

And older adults must engage themselves in low-to-moderate intensity activities at least 3 days per week.

A home gym allows your family members to meet their exercise requirements safely and conveniently.

It also creates a strong sense of self-improvement and development among them.

And most importantly, a home gym helps establishes high awareness levels among your family members.

6.   Cost Savings

Are home gyms effective, or are they worthless?

Home gyms are highly effective in fact, valuable.

When you do things the right way, nothing stops you from achieving your fitness goals.

There is nothing special about the gym facilities.

They don’t do magic!

If you are consistent, follow the right diet plan and routine according to your fitness goal, then there is no need to pay high membership fees.

Although home gyms are not cheap, they save you a lot of your money in the long run.

You save membership fees and the fuel cost from commuting to fitness training centers.

Set Up For A Successful Fitness Journey!

With just a few equipments, a proper diet plan, 3-6 months of training with a personal trainer, and an understanding of proper exercise form and workouts, home gyms can be a great success.

If you have enough space and resources to create a splendid home gym, then you should undoubtedly go for it.

However, remember that stuffing the space with all the advanced gym gear or the machines doesn’t give you the desired results.

Your consistency and fitness regime – workout routine and diet plan – determine the results.

One winning strategy is that you make full use of the ‘flexibility of a home gym.

If you prefer to work out in the morning or during mid-day, something caused you to miss it and then do the exercise later.

Because your home gym is 24/7/365 days available to you, leaving you with absolutely 0 excuses!

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