Are Smartwatches Safe to Wear All Day?

Since the dawn of time, there have been some drastic improvements in technology!

Thanks to innovations like smartphones and smartwatches, almost everything is at our finger or voice command.

A large population dramatically depends on technology today.

While the convenience brought by technology is unquestionably dependable, the debate of their side effects is also surfacing.

One of the great inventions of the time is smartwatches.

With this mini gadget on your wrist, you have access and control over practically everything.

From communication to alerts to monitor your vitals, smartwatches are serving humanity.

But are smartwatches safe to wear all day?

If you also wonder about this question, then you are not alone!

Smartwatch side effects are not only the most debatable topics globally but also the most researched one currently.

There are some possible concerns regarding smartwatches that affect our privacy and health ( but mostly the privacy & security concerns).

This post discusses the possible health threats and explores myths about smartwatches surfacing the internet.

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Can You Wear Smartwatches?

A simple answer to it is, Yes, you can wear a smartwatch.

Many believe that tech products like smartwatches may not show problems in the short run; however, they will create havoc in the long run!

So far, there is no hard evidence suggesting that people shouldn’t wear smartwatches.

Even FDA hasn’t accepted the claims suggesting that smartwatches are harmful to health.

According to FDA, all studies suggesting that cellphones/smartwatches or WiFi/Bluetooth signals are unsafe, lacked evidence.

Can Smartwatch Cause Cancer?

There has been quite a stir on the internet after an article “Could wearable computers be as harmful as cigarettes?” by Nick Bilton was published in The New York Times.

The article, now titled “The health concerns in wearable tech.” suggested a link between cancer and cellphone/smartphone radiations. The author Nick Bilton even compared the new Apple smartwatch to smoking cigarettes.

Bilton used evidence from International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) research that suggested ‘cellphones as a possible carcinogenic to humans.’ He also quoted Dr. Joseph Mercola, who believes in alternative medicine.

Not only the evidence are inadmissible but also irrelevant and misleading.

The research by IARC was a survey and not a scientific result in which available studies were surveyed.

The results were not conclusive, suggesting that the possibility of carcinogenic effects of smart devices could not be ruled out.

On the other hand, Dr. Mercola’s statements are not backed by medicinal evidence, and FDA has already issued separate letters to him.

But is it true that smartwatches can give you cancer?

So far, no evidence suggests a correlation between cancer and radiofrequency (smartphone/smartwatch).

Several studies, along with IARC findings, World Health Organization, and The National Cancer Institute are skeptical that “To date, there is no evidence from studies of cells, animals, or humans that radiofrequency energy can cause cancer.”

But is there a possibility? Theoretically, yes!

Scientists are still looking very closely at this matter and studying people with smart devices.

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Possible Health Risk Of Smartwatches!

Before we dive into the side effects of smartwatches, it is worth mentioning that most of the possible risks are theoretical.

There is no evidence showing that you can experience any such health risks after wearing a smartwatch.

But you can’t rule out the possibility entirely.

–       Radiation Exposure

It is a known fact that radiofrequency, aka radiation, is terrible for living beings, especially humans.

Many research and studies have proven the horrifying effects of radiation.

The WiFi, Bluetooth, and network signals emitting from smartphones and smartwatches expose us to radiation.

There is no denying that smart devices like fitness trackers and cellphones emit radiation.

The question is whether the emitted radiation is dangerous?

Well, we can’t say much about it.

The radiation from smart devices is not very high. 

Therefore, it is hard to say that it affects us in any way.

However, long-term and constant exposure to radiation may have some severe effects like DNA mutation, etc.

–       Excessive Nausea or Headaches

Continuous exposure to EMF radiations can cause severe headaches or excessive nausea.

If you are experiencing sudden headaches or nausea, it might be due to the smartwatch on your wrist.

While it might not affect everyone, there is a possibility that wearing a smartwatch all day long may trigger the symptoms.

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–       Sleep Disruption

Another possible side effect of wearing a smartwatch all day long could be sleep disruption or trouble sleeping.

Many people who wear smartwatches all day often complain about trouble sleeping.

It is the same as people who have insomnia due to smartphones.

Some studies show that the light of the smart devices and the EMF radiation causes insomnia in people.

Due to lack of proper sleep at night, productivity also declines.

All of this results in exhaustion and frustration.

It is, therefore, recommended to put away smart devices like cellphones, fitness trackers, tablets, etc., an hour or two before going to bed. 

–       Memory Loss

The EMF radiations emitting from your smartwatch may affect your memory.


Well, when your sleep pattern gets disturbed, it eventually affects your memory and mood.

If not addressed on time, this could lead to memory loss. 

–       Body Dysmorphia

While there is no solid evidence, some people believe that a smartwatch induces body dysmorphia.

It is a condition where a person spends a great deal of time noticing their flaws.

If you are suffering from this condition, wearing a smartwatch can worsen it!

–       Safety Hazard During Driving

One proven side effect of wearing a smartwatch all day is the safety hazard of driving a car.

The smartwatches can be connected with cellphones over WiFi or Bluetooth.

It means that you can receive calls, messages, and emails without checking the phone.

Plus, the health tracking and vital monitor feature send alerts and updates on the smartwatch.

All of this distracts people during driving, increasing the risk of road accidents.

How to Subdue the Possible Smartwatch Side Effects?

Although no evidence tells us not to wear a smartwatch all day, there’s still a possibility.

Therefore, experts recommend several things that may help to subdue the possible risk of side effects of wearing a smartwatch all day.

The best way to keep you on track, healthy & fit is to incorporate physical training activities into your lifestyle.

Fitness training will not only help you keep in shape and subdue to risk like insomnia, nausea, headaches, etc. 

If you wear a smartwatch and have trouble sleeping, try stretching before going to bed.

Is it Safe to Wear Smartwatch in the Long Run?

It is too soon to say anything about ‘Are smartwatches safe to wear all day?’

Wearable technology like smartwatches hasn’t been around us long enough to understand its side effects or health effects.

That being said, it is not wrong to say that there is a possibility technology can harm our bodies in negative ways in the future.

It requires detailed studies and research, with sufficient appropriate evidence backing up the results.

So, anyone looking for a definitive and conclusive answer knows that there isn’t one.

Smartwatches emit EMF radiation, but so do the television sets, laptops, and even some children’s toys!

What you should do, is to use smartwatches and fitness tracking devices moderately.

Because let’s face it, that excess of anything is harmful!

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