What is a Duffalo Bar ? Is it Duffalo bar or Buffalo bar ? Why is it’s name so weird and do they offer any Benefits ?

For many gym-goers, being consistent with any lifting routine is quite tricky.

Many beginners may find lifting heavy weights complex and are prone to injuries.

While this has to do more with technique than anything else, the equipment also makes a big difference.

Whether you are a pro weightlifter or are just getting started, having the right equipment can prevent many common injuries at the gym.

Add the experience of a good trainer with that, and you’ll be able to achieve your fitness goals much faster.

When it comes to lifting heavy weights, most people will use a regular dumbbell.

While it is the most commonly used, this does not mean it is the best.

Many other ‘specialty’ bars can be used for weightlifting.

Each one is designed for a different exercise. 

However, some can be used for multiple exercises, similar to a regular dumbbell.

One of the best alternatives to the regular bar is the Duffalo bar.

Some people may know it as the Buffalo bar, although there are slight differences between the two.

A duffalo bar is designed with an arc shape in the middle, which is designed to fit your shoulder shape.

Most people have an arc-shaped back, and lifting with a straight bar may put additional pressure on the shoulders.

It may result in occasional back or shoulder injuries.

While the Duffalo bar may seem like a regular bent bar, it is designed to minimize the strain put on the shoulders.

What makes the Duffalo bar unique?

If you have some experience lifting, you’ll know that specific exercises put a lot of strain on the shoulders.

While it is not possible to remove the risk of injury altogether, you can reduce the likelihood of it occurring.

One way to do so is to practice your form and perfect it.

The second way is to get better equipment.

What makes the Duffalo bar unique is that it is specially designed to aid in lifting.

The regular bar is most commonly used, but it is not designed for comfort.

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While pain is part of the game, sometimes it is better to work out more innovatively than harder.

The Duffalo bar is also designed in the standard weight for lifting.

For example, the Kabuki Duffalo bar weighs around 55 pounds and is made from tensile strength alloy steel.

It is designed to lift just as much as any regular weight bar.

If you have to choose between a bar that gives you an advantage in terms of comfort with the same benefits as one that is painful, which would you choose?

It makes the benefits of the Duffalo bar much clearer.

Apart from comfort, it has a wide range of other benefits as well.

Before looking into why you should get a duffalo bar, it is essential to understand why there’s so much confusion when it is mentioned.

Buffalo bar vs. Duffalo bar

By now, you are probably confused as to whether it is ‘duffalo bar’ or ‘buffalo bar.’

There are differences of opinion on this.

Some trainers say that both are the same thing.

The duffalo bar was initially called the buffalo bar, but it was compared to the yoke on buffalo.

Others have argued that there are slight differences between the two.

For example, the Duffalo bar is more bent and a few inches longer than the average buffalo bar. It also reduces the strain on the shoulders a bit.

While a regular person might not see much difference, most experienced lifters prefer the Duffalo bar.

Not only is it more comfortable, but it also reduces the strain on the back and shoulders.

Buffalo bar vs. Safety squat bar

Another excellent exercise bar that you can use for squats is the squat safety bar.

It comes with padding protection for the shoulders, making squatting much easier.

While the squat safety bar is quite helpful in protecting the shoulders, some trainers still prefer the duffalo bar.

One of the reasons is that it is more versatile and can be used for bench presses.

Another reason is that it is much cheaper than the squat safety bar.

If you want to add a good specialty bar to your home gym, you should consider adding a more versatile one.

The Kabuki strength bars are often best for home and professional gyms.

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Benefits of the Duffalo bar

There are several reasons why you should get the Duffalo bar for your home gym or use it while training at a regular gym.

Here are some of the reasons why most trainers will recommend it:

1. It helps reduce shoulder injuries

The best thing about the duffalo bar is that it reduces the strain on your shoulders.

It is especially true while squatting.

If you are looking to improve your squats and reduce the risk of injury, then you can try lifting with a duffalo bar.

2. It’s better for beginners

If you are a beginner at lifting, it will take time to get used to the weight of a regular bar on your shoulders.

The good thing about the duffalo bar is that it can be used by beginners as well.

While maintaining good form is necessary with the duffalo bar, there is less risk of injury if you make a mistake.

3. It can be used for many different exercises

When it comes to many specialty bars, they are very limited in the type of exercise they support.

For example, the squat safety bar can only be used for squats.

The duffalo bar can be used for squatting, bench presses, lunges, and a wide range of other lifting exercises.

4. It helps improve your lifting strength

Most dedicated lifters don’t like specialty bars because it makes lifting easier.

The Duffalo bar is one of the exceptions.

Not only does it give you a few more inches while bench pressing and squatting, but you are also more likely to exert more strength when doing basic lifts.

To conclude, if you are looking for the best alternative to a regular bar, then the Duffalo bar should be on your list.

If you can’t afford to get a new one, you can always get a Used duffalo bar instead.

Having the right equipment can save you from many injuries and improve your lifting experience.


Will the Duffalo bar fit my body size?

The duffalo bar is not designed for a single body type. It will work so long as your shoulders fit under the arc. In most cases, your shoulders are likely to fit under the arc, so there’s no need to worry.

How can I stop the bar from falling off?

Just as with regular bars, you can get Duffalo bar j-cups. These are designed to hold the bar in place and fit the shape of the duffalo bar.

Is a Duffalo bar better than a squat bar?

A duffalo bar and an excellent squat bar might have the same function. The difference is in the design. If you have a perfect squat bar like the Kabuki squat bar, then it’s great. Otherwise, it’s better to get a Duffalo bar because it gives you more options when lifting.

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