Benefits of rock climbing: what you need to know

If you’re considering picking up rock climbing, whether at a local club or elsewhere, then you may be wondering what benefits are on offer.

For starters, rock climbing is an excellent sport, not only is it a great workout, but you’ll meet new friends, perhaps join a tribe of like-minded climbers, and you’ll have a blast doing so!

Moreover, there are many other benefits available to those brave enough to dangle from a wall with no fear…

Well, maybe a little bit of fear 🙂

So, with this in mind, this blog post will highlight two main benefits of rock climbing, mainly aimed at beginners, but applicable to all with the trait of scaling walls like our favorite friendly neighborhood superhero.

Rock climbing is an excellent workout

Unlike other sports out there, rock climbing works both the cardiovascular system and requires strength and hence is a great workout, as per research studies.

The demands of climbing can be brutal, especially paired with heat and a lack of experience. It’s fair to say you’ll knock yourself into great shape in no time, not only toning all of the major muscle groups, but working on the heart, lungs, and the rest of the cardiovascular system, too.

This can help protect against various diseases, improve your immune system strength and heart health.

Various social benefits

While rock climbing is a solo sport, it can also be done with friends, competitors, or with a club. The social benefits on offer are numerous; for example, rock climbing may allow you to:

  • Meet new friends
  • Connect with others
  • Socialize more often than you would without sport
  • Get you out the house and dedicated to your training
  • Help combat various mental illnesses such as depression

Quite often, we hear of many athletes joining rock climbing clubs, gyms, or other sports teams as an initial means to stay fit.

However, later on, a lot of people stay to improve and maintain their mental health. Rock climbing significantly helps to improve your mental health, as per studies.

Regular exercise (rock climbing or other) is essential and is something everybody should ideally be doing daily!

To conclude

In this short blog post, we have highlighted two main benefits of rock climbing. If you join a local club, you can expect to make new friends, to get fitter, more toned, muscular, and overall, in better shape.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your local club, grab a pair of climbing shoes, and begin climbing that wall!

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