What are Rubber Bumper Plates and how their unique benefits help deliver some secret gains

  • There are different weight plates, including traditional iron plates, rubber bumper plates, and Olympic weight plates.
  • While it’s a matter of personal preference, rubber bumper plates are suitable for beginners or someone who went through injury or surgery.
  • Just because the name says, bumper plates aren’t entirely manufactured with rubber.
  • Bumper plates are manufactured iron core layered with rubber.
  • Rubber bumper plates are used by professional weight-lifters, power-lifters, and in several Olympic games as well.
  • Bumper plates have several benefits, including durability, versatility, better powerlifting workout performance, and most importantly, not breaking the gym floor.
  • Power or weightlifting with rubber bumper plates also requires a proper form.

Whether you own a gym or are looking to set up a home gym, choosing the right equipment is essential. 

Many people may buy the same equipment that they are used to, without looking to see whether it is needed or not.

If you are setting up a home gym, you would want to get workout machines that can be used for multiple exercises.

Similarly, you may have to look at your space and other factors before setting up a gym.

While you may have the essential equipment covered, what about the more specific items?

Many people may overlook small things like a skipping rope or the type of weight plates that they use. 

However, believe it or not, it’s these small things that ultimately make a difference. 

You may have noticed that there are different types of plates in various gyms.

Some have those old iron plates that always seem too heavy to lift.

Other gyms may have rubber bumper plates, while others may have Olympic-style plates.

So what’s the difference between these plates, and why are rubber bumper plates so popular?

Before getting into that, it is essential to know the differences between different plates.

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When are Iron plates used?

Iron plates are probably the older version and the more ‘traditional’ plates present in most gyms.

These plates are made from a simple process by shaping the iron into plates and weighing them.

Iron plates are used in most bodybuilding gyms as they are durable and do not break easily.

They also give the ‘feel’ of lifting a heavier weight.

It might give you a psychological advantage when lifting heavyweights. 

While there are different types of iron weights, it is recommended that you always buy Olympic weights.

Olympic bumper plates are designed with the same circumference and measurements.

For this reason, they are used as the standard for weightlifting throughout the world.

While you can get other iron plates, the sizes will differ, and they may even be more challenging to lift.

Iron plates are usually used for bodybuilding exercises.

Many bodybuilding exercises are done precisely, and it’s unlikely that you will drop the weight on the floor.

Most bodybuilders will be lifting within their limits, and the focus is usually on reps.

If you are going to do sets of bodybuilding workouts, then you should use Iron plates.

What are bumper plates?

Bumper plates are plates that are made from an iron core and surrounded by a layer of rubber.

Rubber bumper plates are designed to protect the floor if the weights are dropped.

Certain types of Olympic weights have a layer of rubber due to the nature of Olympic lifting.

Rubber bumper plates are often colored, although they may be black as well.

Many specialized gyms and powerlifting gyms make use of rubber bumper plates.

They are also prevalent in Olympic lifting programs.

Using rubber bumper plates does not mean that you can drop them at will.

You will still have to maintain the same form as you would with traditional iron plates.

You should get a cheap bumper plate set if you want to get new equipment for your professional or home gym.

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Here are some of the benefits of rubber bumper plates:

– They save your floor

One of the main benefits of rubber bumper plates is that they won’t break the floor if dropped.

The rubber layer is designed to let the weights ‘bounce’ off the floor, thereby preventing damage.

If you are going to set up a home gym, you should consider using bumper plates instead of iron ones.

The last thing you want is your floor to be damaged because of a failed lift.

Even if you are a professional or experienced lifter, there is still a chance that you will drop the weight at some point.

It’s always best to be prepared, which is why rubber plates are the best option.

– They are perfect for specific powerlifting exercises

Many powerlifters will be focused on maximizing the amount of weight that they can lift.

Unlike other exercises in the gym, powerlifting exercises often involve much heavier weights.

You may have noticed that some people who lift for a new PR will suddenly drop the weight after raising it.

It makes rubber bumper plates best suited for the overhead squat and other Olympic weightlifting exercises.

Most of these exercises involve dropping the weight after lifting it, which is why you should have suitable plates.

Imagine lifting a new PB with metal plates and then dropping it onto the floor!

– They bring versatility to a gym

Whether you are buying weights for your professional gym or a home gym, your focus will be saving costs.

The best way to do so is to buy versatile equipment.

The rubber bumper plates are designed to be used for both bodybuilding exercises as well as Olympic-style lifting.

Even if the focus of your gym is on bodybuilding, there will always be a few people who will try powerlifting.

Having rubber plates means you won’t have to worry about your gym floor every time someone drops a weight.

– They are durable

While iron plates are durable in their way, rubber bumper plates will last much longer.

The rubber prevents the plates from rusting or getting damaged, unlike iron plates.

The rubber also prevents the plates from getting damaged to a certain degree.

However, this does not mean you should drop it on purpose, and they may eventually break.

In any case, dropping heavy weights repeatedly will damage your floor, whether you have rubber plates or not.

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So Is It Worth Investing In Rubber Bumper Plates?

The quick answer is yes!

The functionality and features of rubber bumper plates make them an excellent addition to commercial and home gyms.

However, it depends on your personal choice.

Some weightlifters prefer to train with traditional weights.

If you are a beginner weightlifter looking to buy weight plates, rubber plates are the first choice.

Not only are they more durable, but they can also be used for more than one type of exercise.

Yes, the rubber bumper plates are more expensive than the regular iron-weight plates, but these plates are worth every single dime!


Are Rubber Bumper Plates good?

Yes, rubber bumper plates can help save your gym floor from getting damaged.  They also have a lower chance of cracking or breaking when dropped. This makes it the ideal choice for home and professional gyms.

What are rubber bumper plates used for?

Rubber bumper plates are used mainly for powerlifting exercises, such as Olympic-style lifting. However, they can be used for all types of weightlifting exercises as they come in standard weights.

Are Rubber weight plates good?

It depends on what you are lifting for. If you usually lift alone, then there is a high risk of dropping the weights. If you are doing overhead squats, then they are less risky. Rubber plates will cause minor damage if dropped in the wrong place, making them better than iron plates.

Why are rubber plates better?

Rubber plates are better than iron plates for a variety of reasons. Looking at the benefits of rubber bumper plates vs. iron plates, you get more safety,  versatility, and durability.

What are the differences between bumper plates vs. Olympic plates?

Bumper plates may have a thick layer of rubber that protects the plates. Olympic plates have less rubber and more iron in the core. Olympic plates will always come in the same standard size, while many gym plates may vary in size.

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