Best Weight Bench Exercises for building killer abs [9-Nine Most Effective picks]

Do you think getting perfect abs is possible with a weight bench? For many people, a weight bench has limited uses.

They consider it only effective for weight exercises and some limited postures. Weight benches do have the potential to bring you a chance of getting perfect abs.

Other than weight lifting, you can do numerous exercises with these benches. These exercises help in focusing the abdomen area and tone up the abs in no time.

Here we got you an ultimate guide for the best weight bench exercises for abs.

These are workable and result-oriented moves that will help you in getting the ultimate six-pack abs in real-time.  

Exercises are divided into three categories for the inner abs, middle abs and outermost or six-pack abs.

Exercise for inner abs

We know inner abs as transverse abdomens as well.

It is the innermost layer of the abs muscle, responsible to support the spine during movement.

Training this layer of abs will not give you a prominent six-pack but will strengthen your back.

It provides a safety mechanism for further exercises. You can practice the following exercises to work on the inner abs.

Knee tucks with bench plank

It is an advanced stage exercise and requires more stability and strength. Only practice this one if you are good with your core strength.

Performing steps

  • Get into a plank position with your hands on the floor and feet on the bench
  • Keep the core strong and stable to ensure you are good to move forward
  • Now bring your left knee to the left elbow inwards by keeping the back straight and balance yourself on the right arm and leg.
  • Return the foot to the bench by keeping it in control.
  • Now do the same movement with the right knee to complete one cycle

How many repetitions should I do?

It is good to make at least 20 repetitions in each set. If you are unable to do knee tucks, and then have a 60, seconds hold in bench plank position.

Gradually you can advance the practice to movements and repetitions.

Bench walk-ups

The exercise movement is more about strengthening your core and experience stability.

Before practice, make sure to adjust your weight bench against a wall to avoid any jerk or slip.

Performing steps

  • Be in a plank position perpendicular to your bench.
  • Make sure to keep the distance of at least one foot from the weight bench
  • Tighten your stomach and abdomen area to have a stable core
  • Shift your left hand up onto the bench and then the right hand.
  • Then make a reverse movement to get your hands one by one back on the floor

How many repetitions you should do?

At least make 12 repetitions that include a complete cycle of getting your hands up, on the bench and back on the ground.

Exercises for middle abs

The middle abs muscles are known as oblique which helps you in torso rotations.

Professionals believe that perfectly tones oblique gives you a perfect definition for sides.

Middle abs exercise help you in having more stability and avoid injuries while running, lunging and in other exercises.

Bench wipers

The workout option works best for well tones sides and stresses the middle abs.

It is the next step in making a nice move for the ultimate six-pack abs.

Performing steps

  • Position yourself on the bench by gripping the underside of the bench by the head
  • Now lift your legs by joining them at a 90-degree angle
  • Press your lower back to the bench by pulling the stomach inward
  • Twist and lower the legs together to the left.
  • Bring them to the centre and then move towards the right to complete one rap
  • Make sure to have a stable movement and do not lower your legs too much that can lose your lower back’s contact with the bench.

Number of repetitions I should be doing

Perform at least a set of 20 repetitions with careful movements and in a nice momentum.

Oblique crunch

The crunch exercise strengthens your core and works efficiently on the middle abs muscles.

You can get efficient results by modifying the simple crunches with these bench crunches.

Performance steps

  • Lay down on the floor with your back flat
  • Place bench perpendicular on your feet side
  • Lift your feet, place them on the bench, and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle
  • Position hands behind your ears but do not pull your head forward
  • Now twist and bend your right elbow to touch your left knee towards the bench edge
  • Get back to normal position on the ground and repeat the procedure with left elbow and right knee

How many repetitions to perform?

At least have 20 repetitions of the whole exercise daily to observe results.

Bench bicycle crunch

It is possible to perform your bicycle crunch with the weight bench. It helps to work on the innermost abs and the outer one as well.

You will get results based on the muscle tone and fats in the abs area.

Performing steps

  • Sit in the middle of a weight bench and hold the sides of the bench for grip
  • Lean back on the bench and lift your legs in the air making a 45-degree angle
  • Now gradually start air cycling by bending your knees alternatively
  • Make sure to put stress on your lower abs and firming your position

Repetitions to perform

Performing 15 repetitions in one set and gradually increasing it in future

Side plank crunch

Another advanced stage workout option is to tone your middle abs and sides. It is a combination of side plank and crunches.

You need to have ultimate stability and precision to make the movement work at its best and avoid injuries.

Performing steps

  • Position yourself in a side plan by placing your right elbow on the bench
  • Now bend your left elbow, raise the left knee, and join them in the middle point
  • Bring them back to normal position and repeat the same on the other side.
  • Make sure to hold your abs tight and stable. It helps to avoid dripping during crunch.

How many repetitions I should do?

Eight repetitions on each side are ideal to observe the best results and outcomes.

Exercises for outer abs

The ultimate stage of getting the perfectly toned abs with six-packs is to work out for the outer abs.

We know the outer abs as the rectus abdomens that is the most visible layer of abs. By doing the mentioned workouts here, you will start seeing real improvement in this part.

Bench laying leg raises

The workout is a modified form of leg raises in combination with a weight bench.

The bench gives you a little more height during leg raises to have a better impact area.

Performing steps

  • Lay flat on the bench with your back sticking to it
  • Hold the bench behind your head to grip it well
  • Join legs together and lift them to a 90-degree angle
  • Make sure to keep the legs straight and do not bend your knees
  • Maintain your control on the movement and slowly bring the legs down
  • Take them down from the bench surface but do not touch the ground or let your lower back lose contact with the bench
  • Then immediately lift them back to a 90-degree angle and repeat

Number of repetitions I should be doing

10 repetitions in one set at a time are good enough. In the advanced stage, you can increase the sets or repetition per set.

Reverse crunch

The advanced level workout for the abs comes up with extensive results. You can observe a visible result in the abs highlights and formation.

Performing steps

  • Lay flat on the bench and hold the bench from the head side to have support
  • Bend your knees straight forming a 90-degree angle and place your feet on the edge of the bench
  • Raise your legs upward and get your hips off the bench
  • It will stress out your lower abs and requires a little more strength
  • Get back to the starting position by lowering your hips
  • Do not relax your leg flat but keep them in bending position and repeat the procedure

Repetitions to perform

You should be doing almost 15 repetitions in one set.

Tuck ups with weight bench

For core strength, it is the best training that helps to work on your lower back, abdomen, legs, arms and overall balance at the same time.

You can observe some amazing results by practicing the workout daily.

Performing steps

  • Adjust your butt on the edge of the bench and keeping feet hanging off the end
  • Grip the bench from behind to ensure you will not slip out
  • Now bend your knees toward chest and get your arms support for stability
  • Extend the legs back to a straight position by leaning back on your elbows
  • Repeat the movement for the next repetition

How many repetitions to do?

15 repetitions in one set are good enough in the beginning.

Ideal abs workout plan on the weight bench

Out of all available options, it is somehow not possible to do all of these. Everyone has some off-limits or is unable to have amazing holding strength.

Therefore, there are plans to take up the abs workout on the weight bench for beginners and professionals.

By following the one suiting you, it is possible to progress towards a well-toned torso and six-pack abs.

Abs workout plan for beginners

For beginners, it is essential to start with easy workout options. These options help in getting muscles in tension and activating the core.

Later it is possible to proceed towards an advanced version of exercises or increasing repetitions or sets.

Bench laying leg Raises

10 reps and 3 sets

Oblique crunch

20 reps and 3 sets

Bench wipers

20 reps and 3 sets

Bench walk-ups

20 reps and 3 sets

Knee tucks with bench plank

12 reps and 3 sets

Abs workout plan for professionals

When you are a little pro at handling your body and stabilizing your posture, it is possible to add more workout options.

These are little tough exercises you can do with a weight bench to tone your abs. The exercises collectively work on your inner, middle and outer abs as well.

You require more practice and precision to achieve accurate outcomes.

Tuck ups with weight bench

15 reps and 3 sets

Reverse crunch

15 reps and 3 sets

Bench bicycle crunch

15 reps and 3 sets

Side plank crunch

8 reps and 4 sets

Frequently Asked questions

Can you do an abs workout on the bench?

Benches are not only for weight training.

If you are not comfortable with weight abs training, you can opt for the cross-fit abs workout options on benches. These workout options let you have amazing results.

Are abs benches Workout effective?

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of abs workout benches. Benches provide you with an extended version of abs workout with extra effort.

Can you use inclined benches for abs workouts?

Yes, it is possible to use incline benches for abs workouts. All you need is to get the appropriate formation and modified workout versions. 

Bottom line

Weight benches are not limited to a few things. Other than weight training, you can use these benches for cross-fit.

By adopting the best workout options, it is possible to tone up your torso and abs. A modified form of cross-fit workout option brings you the ultimate results that you have always wanted.

It is essential to focus on the steps, posture and impact of each position on your body. Soon you will be enjoying all attractive outcomes.

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