Feeling super charged and motivated, can you do chest dips at home? Here are the Eightish ways you can do them

Many variations of upper body exercise can help build a better body form. Chest dips are one such type of upper body exercise that can be very effective, especially to build and tone the chest muscles.

This article will talk about some of the ways how you can do this exercise at home without any fancy equipment.

What is a dip workout?

Dip workout is an upper body exercise that employs the use of shoulder, chest, biceps, triceps, and back by hoisting the body with the help of two parallel supports.

Chest dips

Chest dips are a variation of dip exercise that targets the chest muscles. You have to angle your body correctly to make your chest muscles work.

The correct way to do them:

Although the main principle of all dip exercises is the same, to keep the focus on the chest, you have to make the correct posture. To do that, hoist your body and lean your torso towards the front. Angle the elbows outwards from the torso.

Ways of doing chest dips at home

There is a dip station that you can utilize to perform dips using a dip belt, weights, and all sorts of equipment in the gym. However, you can efficiently perform this highly beneficial chest exercise at home. Here are some ways to do chest dips at home without equipment or with the use of minimal portable tools.

1.    Chair dips

Chair dips are the easiest, most convenient, and effective dip workout that you can do at home using a chair to support your weight.

How to perform:

  • Put a chair in front of you and then turn, facing away from the chair in the opposite direction.
  • Plant your feet to the ground and spread your legs, keeping your hands on the chair with straight arms.
  • Move your butt in front of the chair keeping your arms straight and maintaining the elevated sitting position.
  • Make a 90 degrees angle with your arms, move your body downwards and then move back to the starting position.

2.    Tabletop dips

It is another option for efficiently doing chest dips at home with the support of a firm tabletop. It is slightly different from dips with a chair as the arms are kept in front of the body.

How to perform:

  • Put your hands on the tabletop or desk with your body facing the support.
  • Push your hands down, keeping your arms straight and elevating your body.
  • Now bend your arms downwards, making a 90 degrees angle and put your feet down on the ground.
  • Repeat the movement by hoisting your body.
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3.    Floor dips

With floor dips, you do not need anything for support, and you can do them simply by using the floor anywhere in your house. The range of motion is limited compared to other ways, but all you need to do is lie down on the floor with a mat to do floor dips for the chest.

How to perform:

  • Lie down on the floor with hands behind your back with straight arms below the shoulders and knees bent at an angle.
  • Elevate your body a few inches by pushing your feet and hands down on the floor.
  • Dip your body back to starting position without your hips touching the ground.
  • Repeat the steps to complete a set.

4.    Counter dips

Counter dips can be done on kitchen countertops present in every home. You can easily do chest dips at home using kitchen countertops as support.

How to perform:

  • Put your hands, keeping your arms straight on the countertop.
  • Push your hands on the counter, bend your elbows and lift your body upwards.
  • Bend your knees and keep your feet crossed.
  • Dip your body downwards by lowering your legs without touching the ground.
  • Repeat the movement by pushing your hands down and elevating your body.

5.    Weighted dips using a loaded bag

You can use a bag full of books or other stuff as resistance to perform weighted dips for your chest. You have to find a good support spot and start performing these upper chest dips.

How to perform:

  • Put your hands on the front of your body and your fingers firmly on the support.
  • Push your hands down on the support with the loaded bag placed on your chest.
  • Elevate your body and then bend your knees to lower yourself to return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the steps above to achieve a set of chest dips.

6.    Random object parallel dips

For parallel dips, you need staircase support bars, two benches, dining chairs, or any other parallel supports close together in your home that you can use to perform chest dips. The supports you are using must have enough room between them for positioning your body.

How to perform:

  • Hold the bars or other parallel support tightly and hoist your body by straightening your arms and lifting your legs in front of you.
  • Now move your body down towards the floor by bending your arms at a 90 degrees angle while keeping your legs bent.
  • Move back upwards by straightening your arms to complete the set.

7.    Using portable parallel bars

Portable dip bars are a great way to replace power towers, and they do not even need a lot of space to do chest dips at home. You can place them almost anywhere in your house, whether on the floor or any other elevated position that can act as parallel support for the bars.

How to perform:

  • Place parallel dip bars on a high point so that you can raise your body to that point.
  • Hold the bars with a firm grip and put pressure on them downwards.
  • Elevate your body using the muscles of your chest, shoulders, and arms.
  • Now dip your body downward to go back to the starting position slowly.
  • Repeat the steps to complete the set.

8.    With a suspension trainer

Suspension trainers such as TRX can be used for many types of exercise in the comfort of your home. You can also achieve chest dips by using the suspension trainer. All you have to do is find a good spot and a secure anchor to attach the trainer after selecting the ideal height.

How to perform:

  • Attach the trainer to heightened support and hold the bars facing opposite to the suspension trainer.
  • Angle your body towards the floor by keeping only your toes touching the ground.
  • Push on the bars, bend your arms to the side and lower your body as much as possible.
  • Now go back to the starting position by pressing on the bars and straightening your arms.
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Dips are a great exercise that can help build the chest and other muscle groups very effectively. Using the ways mentioned above, you can efficiently perform this exercise at home to hit the chest muscles deep and hard.

You can try a different variation of this exercise by employing simple tools at your home to make a workout routine in the comfort of your own home.


1.     Are dips better than pushups?

For building a chest, dips might be better than pushups as they target specific muscle groups, and you do not use the support of your feet while doing them.

2.     Can you do chest dips every day?

You can do them every day, but too many dips can wear your body out. You need a recovery period for dips, so it’s best to do them twice a week for best results.

3.     Are dips better for the chest or triceps?

Although dips can be great for both chest and triceps, you can target a specific part by angling your body differently to focus on the target muscle group.

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