Fifteen Benefits OF WATER AEROBICS


Aerobics is system of physical conditioning involving exercises (such as running, walking, swimming, or calisthenics) strenuously performed so as to cause marked temporary increase in respiration and heart rate.”

Aerobic exercise, also defined as cardiovascular exercise, is any prolonged exercise performed to provide exercise to the large muscle groups of the human body. It increases heart rate and makes the lungs work harder. Aerobics is considered physical conditioning that includes jogging, normal or brisk walking, etc.

Water Aerobics Exercises

Water Aerobics (waterobics, aquatic fitness, aqua-fitness, aquafit) is the performance of aerobic exercise in water such as in a swimming pool.

Done mostly vertically and without swimming typically in waist deep or deeper water, it is a type of resistance training.

Water aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise that requires water-immersed participants. Most water aerobics is in a group fitness class setting with a trained professional teaching for about an hour.

The classes focus on aerobic endurance, resistance training, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere with music. Different forms of water aerobics include: aqua Zumba, water yoga, aqua aerobics, and aqua jog.”

Water aerobics is becoming a popular trend among age groups.

As American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) considered it Therapeutic Exercise for people with Parkinson Disease. Such aerobic exercise is done in water and generally consists of multiple activities.

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However, anyone can participate in water aerobics.

It is ideal for people with back pain, the elderly or people with delicate bone structures. Aqua Aerobics is also helpful to the individuals who wish to lose weight without putting stress on their bodies.

Before starting water aerobics, you need to consult a physician before performing such exercise on a normal water aerobics routine.

What to Do?

Join a water aerobics class or do it on your own. You need a swimsuit to wear that fits well and keeps you moving freely in the water. For additional comfort, you can also wear water shoes.

Swimming caps can be worn to keep your hair away from the face and eyes while exercising. If you have joined a class, the instructor can provide additional equipment, such as kickboards, etc.

Is Water Aerobics Healthy for All Age Groups?

Water aerobics is benefiting all age groups and gender, with no discrimination at all. The participants enjoy the density of the water that permits them to be in the water for a longer duration. It supports their muscular ligaments, and enables them to move around into the water with less pain and ease.

Individuals with heart diseases, pulmonary diseases, arthritis, and, most importantly, facing depression and anxiety can have better health and perform better while attending water aerobics.

As stated by the US department of Health and Human Services (2008), “Over time Water Aerobics can lead to a reduction of blood pressure and resting heart rate, which will improve health overall.”

How Often Water Aerobics Be Done?

It depends upon the individuals and the schedule that they maintain. As a beginner, you can start three days a week and gradually increase your days, pace, time, and aerobics routine.

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Experts have searched for the benefits of water aerobics and have accrued several benefits for the participants. They have promoted that in Aqua Aerobics, water supports your body, put low stress on joints and muscles. Furthermore, Aqua Aerobics provides muscular strength, bone strength, and joint strength and builds cardio performance.

Some of the benefits are detailed below so that you can gain knowledge and a better understanding.

  1. Muscle Strength and Toning
  2. Reduced Stress and Anxiety
  3. Physical Stress on Pregnancy
  4. Maintained Blood Pressure
  5. Maintained Cardiovascular Function
  6. Reduced Body Weight
  7. Reducing Obesity
  8. Burn Calories
  9. Mobility and Flexibility
  10. Water Support
  11. Affordable
  12. strong Motivation
  13. Soothing Effects of Water
  14. Fun and Enjoyment
  15. Social Benefits

1- Muscle Strength and Toning

When you are in the water and doing aerobics, it helps your muscles to gain strength and better muscle mobility. For individuals who have reduced muscular mobility, especially with rheumatoid arthritis, it has prospects. Water aerobics create momentum that helps these individuals to improve muscular strength and muscular toning.

2- Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Participating in water aerobics benefits by reducing stress and anxiety disorder. It helps in lowering Alzheimer’s syndrome and promotes the well-being of vital mental health.

In today’s world, these phenomena have become common for both men and women. Studies have shown that water aerobics is also taken as a meditative exercise. It helps improving mood disorders and enhances the confidence level of the individuals.

3- Physical Stress on Pregnancy

Aqua aerobics also helps reduce physical stress for pregnant women. It helps promote the better well-being of both mother and child. Pregnant women with physiological stress produce adverse outcomes for the baby. Pregnant women doing deep water aerobics improves mood swings, tranquility, reduces anxiety and pressure.

4- Maintain Blood Pressure

Individuals who have been regularly participating in water aerobics can maintain their blood pressure. It is evident that water reduces stress and hypertension. Also, it reduces the individuals’ arterial and systolic blood pressure, thus resulting in better health.

5- Maintained Cardiovascular Function

Water aerobics benefits when it comes to improving cardiovascular health. A study of 80 people showed why water-based aerobics is comparatively good for cardiovascular health. Because such exercise helps maintain better blood flow and better cardiopulmonary function. Water aerobics helps reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. As a result, it also helps prevent various heart diseases.

These aerobics can significantly improve cardiovascular function in individuals of all ages. It includes those suffering from serious illnesses. Individuals who participate in water aerobics regularly have a lower risk of developing heart disease.

6- Reduced Body Weight

Aqua aerobics plays a vital role in burning calories, reducing body weight and fat. It helps not only in reducing the accumulated fat but helps in reducing the body weight. Especially the weight that has put pain in the joints due to overweight.

7- Reducing Obesity

For individuals who are obese and have excessive fat when doing water aerobics, the water helps them relieve mental stress and fat. Especially the fat around the waistline. Waistline is taken as the most problematic area in the human body.

It increases their stamina and urges them to do more exercise that promotes healthy fat reduction. Moreover, water aerobics brings better results than land-based aerobics.

When these aerobics are done in groups, it encourages obese individuals to stay fit. The average temperature of the water maintains a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere and helps obese people to do more practice.

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8- Burn Calories

Aerobics in the water create a combination of little power and cardio exercises added with water resistance in the pool. Such activities enable you to put your body through a complete workout.

You can use dumbbells and weight belts to increase pressure and tension on the muscles. The temperature, density of water, and buoyancy let you burn more calories.

When you burn your calories through water aerobics, you lose excessive fat and lean your muscles that reduce your weight. It enhances your daily performance, which results in a healthy life.

9- Mobility and Flexibility

When you are doing aerobics underwater, any movement or every movement you do creates more resistance. The more resistance, the more muscle retention, and you increase your body muscle flexibility and mobility for more extended periods.

Individuals with arthritis or osteoporosis commonly face problems with muscular and joint mobility. They also face muscular stiffness that keeps them away from moving like normal individuals.

Their ability to do everyday activities remains problematic. They tend to get more movements when they join water aerobics, among other benefits like stress release and water support.

10- Water Support

When we are exercising on land, the air does not support our bodies. The more we exercise, the more we want our body structure to support exercise postures. It increases muscular tension and stress on the joints to stay put and work out.

But when we do aerobics in the water, the water itself supports our body structure. It helps to reduce the aerobic pressure on the muscles, ligaments, and joints. It supports all activities in the water.

Even after the aerobics, people feel less fatigue, pain, and stress on the body that motivates them to do more. It is favorable for those who have arthritis or are in physical rehabilitation.

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11- Affordable

In today’s world, affording to purchase gym equipment or getting into a gym is a lot more expensive than water aerobics. The benefiting advantage of water aerobics is that it is way cheaper than other types of exercises.

You don’t have much money, don’t worry, join water aerobics. Among other benefits, you will get better aerobic classes underwater that are cheaper and suit all types of men and women.

12- Strong Motivation

One of the benefits that water aerobics carry is to strengthen up your motivational levels. No sweat, no stress, affordable, soothing, and comforting brings more desire. Aqua aerobics bring motivation for individuals to carry on and do more aerobics.

When on land, you do exercises, you face body heat, perspiration, stress, low motivation, and pain in the body that goes away with time. But in activities underwater, the water itself is the more soothing.

In hot summer, doing aerobics, in general, is clingy and uncomfortable. It makes you lose your grip on motivation to do exercises regularly. But when your body temperature is adequately cool in relaxing water, you get motivated and tend to do your aerobics regularly.

13- Soothing Effects of Water

After all, water is the main element of our existence and calms us down and relieves us from several pains and stresses that we face daily.

With aging, the stress increases, and medication are taken to release such strains and pains. The water is the only element that helps naturally reduce fatigue, stress, and pain in the body. Aqua aerobics gives you soothing effects that shine your day.

14- Fun and Enjoyment

With the tension day in and day out, you are always looking for fun and enjoyment. Among several activities that are advised to remain calm and stressless, water aerobics brings more fun and amusement for all age groups regardless of gender. Honestly! It is like taking a joyride in the water and gaining momentum for several benefits associated with it.

Water aerobics not only bring that but also improve your sleep, reduce anxiety or depression, increase and maintain focus, and even lower cortisol levels, making them a great stress reliever!

15- Social Benefits

One of the benefits that all age groups, regardless of gender, enjoy is socialization. It is linked with affirmative and positive impacts on health. When you do aerobics in the formation of the group, such water aerobics provide a socializing influence. It helps to motivate individuals of all groups to try, maintain and do new exercises.

Elderly individuals enjoy exercising with others in group formation. It gives them an opportunity to make more friends, partners and stay regular that leads them to a healthy life pattern.


Water aerobics can play a vital role in our life. We live in a stressful and tense world that demands a lot from us. Like other aerobics, water aerobics is more desirable and retains more strength in the body.

Conclusively, water aerobics has become a trend to reduce fatigue, stress and body problems. Most importantly, it motivates you to perform daily routines with focus and agility.

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