What was Code Red Diet, What made it so special and Why you should consider it [Five Benefits of code red diet]

Diet plans and supplements are an excellent option for people who are too busy to hit the gym due to a busy lifestyle. Weight loss drinks, pills, and supplements are becoming increasingly popular in the market.

However, if you doubt the authenticity of these products and want a natural healthy way to lose weight, you can start a diet program…

Code red diet is a highly popular diet plan based on a book that consists of a set of simple rules to lose weight healthily.

This article will discuss the details of the code red diet plan and the valuable benefits of the code red diet.

What is the code red diet plan?

Code red diet is a diet plan based on a book known as “Code Red Revolution”. The creator and author of this book is Cristy Nickel, a popular fitness and wellness coach in the world of fitness.

This diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet emphasizing plant-based foods and is somewhat similar to the keto diet. There are, however, certain vegetables that are restricted in this diet and fruits are not allowed at all.

The code red diet claims to be a quick way of losing weight to lose 10 pounds in a month. This diet includes no particular exercise, pill, or strict diet plan. It consists of rules that you need to follow to achieve your weight loss goal.

Foods to eat in a code red diet

Here is a list of foods that you can consume to enjoy the benefits of a code red diet plan.

1.    Vegetables

Vegetables are a vital part of the code red diet, and they should be included with every meal. All the vegetables are allowed in this diet except for potatoes.

The reason is that potatoes contain high amounts of starch and carbohydrates, and they can spike the amount of insulin in your body. Insulin can, in turn, be a carrier for the deposition of the fats in your body.

For this same reason, to avoid the spike in insulin, even fruits are not allowed in the diet. Fruits are, in fact, among the code red foods to avoid. The reason is that they contain high amounts of sugar and can jeopardize your diet plan just the way candies or sweets do.

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2.    Proteins

Although the main focus of this diet is on the consumption of vegetables, meat is also allowed in controlled quantities. Fish and meat are excellent protein sources, and you do not need to skip them. Other protein sources can be nuts, tofu, lean chicken, salmon, and grass-fed beef.

3.    Healthy fats

Fats are not restricted, and they are an essential part of the code red diet. The key is to avoid unhealthy fat sources and to consume healthy fats, just like in the keto diet. Some of the best and most nutritious sources of healthy fats can be eggs, avocados, cheese, fish, nuts, and seeds.

4.    Fluid intake

As we already discussed in the code red diet rules, drinking at least a gallon of water every day is a part of the diet plan. Apart from that, you can also consume other drinks unless they do not contain sugar. You can replace sugar with Stevia and use it as a sweetener for your tea or coffee.

Rules of a code red diet

Here are the ten code red lifestyle rules that make it practical for weight loss.

  1. Consumption of soda and all sorts of fizzy drinks is forbidden.
  2. There should be vegetables included in every meal.
  3. Sleep is one of the key contributors to this diet, and a person must take 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
  4. There is a limit to caffeine consumption, and a person should take no more than 2-3 cups of coffee each day.
  5. The coffee should not include mocha or latte.
  6. Snacks are not allowed in the diet, and a meal plan of 2-3 meals per day is enough.
  7. There should be plenty of water consumption, and at least a gallon of water is consumed per day.
  8. Eating after 6:30 PM is prohibited.
  9. Bread, primarily white bread, is not allowed in the diet.
  10. No sugary products, candies, sweets, and even alcohol are not allowed.

These ten rules are the key to the successful implication of this diet plan. Apart from these, the author recommends monitoring your weight consistently to keep track of your success and remain consistent in your goals.

Five significant benefits of code red diet

Here are the top benefits of the code red diet to your health and lifestyle apart from helping achieve your weight loss goals.

1.    Simple weight loss mechanism

The most prominent benefit of the code red diet is that it is simple without complicated meal plans. You do not need to quit your favorite foods, and you can incorporate the rules in the eating style you already prefer.

All you need to do is apply the basic rules of the diet and tailor the meals according to your preference.

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2.    Quick results

Results and success stories are the first thing you look for before getting started with a diet plan. If all the hard work and self-restraint do not result in visible progress, you will lose much motivation to follow the program.

Code red diet plan guarantees that you will lose 10 lbs in just a month if you stick to the rules. Also, you can be consistent with your progress on a long-term basis.

3.    Skip the gym

The incredible thing about this diet plan is that this does not require you to exercise regularly as a rule, unlike all other diet plans. Although exercise can be very beneficial for your body to lose weight and gain muscle, this diet plan does not recommend it as a must-do.

4.    Cost-effective diet plan

As mentioned on the book’s cover, you do not need any special diet pills, an exercise regime, or even a specific meal plan to lose weight with a code red diet. It can help you save money instead of spending it on expensive shakes and pills whose effects will wear off as soon as you stop taking them.

5.    Offers long-term lifestyle goals

Unlike many other diet plans, this diet plan is not hard to follow despite having a set of rules for the diet. You can adapt it on a long-term basis, and that is why the author calls it a healthy diet lifestyle rather than a simple month-long diet plan.

You have to make permanent changes to your diet and follow the rules to get the most out of it and retain the weight loss you have achieved. The key is to stick to the rules and return to your old eating habits.

Summing it up

Code red diet is not just about the food you eat, but it aims to reshape your lifestyle and eating habits permanently. It is based on almost the same rules as the ketogenic diet and can be considered as a keto diet reinvented.

Making specific changes to your diet by following a few basic rules, you can lose weight in a simple, hassle-free manner. The best thing about this diet is that you can create your menu by following the guidelines of the code red diet.


1.     Is the code red diet worth it?

Many success stories show people losing weight following the code red diet. However, you need to make permanent lifestyle changes to enjoy the results most efficiently. So this diet is for people who want to be consistent with their weight loss goals.

2.     Are there any side effects of the code red diet?

As the code red diet caters to all your basic needs of nutrients required for healthy functioning, there are no reported side effects in people who follow this diet plan. It also does not leave you dehydrated because of plenty of fluid consumption.

3.     Are there sample meal plans in the code red diet book?

Although the book does not mention any specific meals and recipes that you would follow, you can access the program on their website or join their Facebook group for sample meals and recipes.

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