Five Benefits of massage balls, What, How and FAQs

  • Not many know of the massage balls, but they are incredible, especially post-workout. 
  • Massage balls are made up of soft or hard rubber and can be the size of a volleyball or a tennis ball.
  • Some massage balls have a smooth surface, while some come with spikes.
  • Regardless of the size, rigidity, or surface, massage balls benefit muscle fatigue after an intense workout session.
  • Massage balls also speed up muscle recovery and help you relax. 
  • It is easy to use massage balls and can be used in different settings like chairs, the floor, or the carpet.
  • There is no harm in using massage balls; always consult your fitness trainer and physician before using them. 

For so many fitness enthusiasts, working out regularly is a part of their daily routine.

If you fall into this category, you’ll know the satisfying feeling you get after a good workout.

Having a positive sense after a workout will motivate you to be more consistent in your gym visits. 

Unfortunately, your journey to peak fitness is not that smooth.

While you may feel extra energy at times, you will also experience muscle pains and fatigue.

It is essential to realize that this is a normal part of any fitness journey, and it can be easily overcome.

After an intense workout, you are likely to experience some form of muscle pain.

While this pain may be a good sign, you still have to manage it properly.

One of the best ways to relieve muscle pain after a workout is by using a massage ball.

Massage balls come in different shapes and forms, but all are designed to stretch and relieve muscle pain.

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What are massage balls?

The first thing that may come to your mind is, “what are massage balls”?

Not everyone knows what they are or how they can be used.

It is because many people often ignore the recovery part after a workout.

Fitness experts often place more emphasis on recovery, which is why you should prioritize it as well.

A massage ball can be the size of a tennis ball or a volleyball, but it is usually smaller.

The majority of massage balls will be the size of a regular tennis ball.

The shape and material of different massage balls also differ.

Some massage balls are perfectly round, while others are spiky.

Some are made from soft rubber, which may be temporarily distorted under pressure.

Other massage balls are made from a more rigid material designed to exert pressure onto the muscles.

Whenever choosing a good massage ball, you should always look at what you need it for.

Some are more suited for cool-down exercises, while others work better if you have an injury.

Always consult your fitness trainer regarding massage ball exercises, as doing the wrong exercise will damage your muscles.

How to use a massage rollerball

A massage roller ball can be used in different settings, such as a chair, carpet, wall, etc.

After selecting the right massage ball, you should identify the muscles that you want to target.

Once you’ve identified the area of pain, you should press the ball between the muscle and a hard surface.

Add pressure to the ball with your weight once it is in the proper position.

You will feel a slight reduction in pain when the massage ball is placed correctly.

If you overthink pressure on the muscles, then you are probably pressing too hard.

A good indication of the correct pressure is that you will feel as if there is only 80% of the pain left.

Once you have the ball in position, you can roll it around to ‘massage’ different parts of your muscles.

It’s always best to stretch directly after using a massage ball.

Stretching will help relieve any stress and leave your muscles more relaxed.

Having relaxed muscles is essential for faster recovery.

Another tip to keep in mind is only to use a massage ball once a day.

Using it multiple times will only add to muscle fatigue.

Benefits of massage balls

While many people often think of recovery as secondary, it is just as important as any workout.

If your gym has massage balls, then you can use them directly after your workout.

Otherwise, it’s recommended that you buy an excellent massage ball for use at home.

Here are some reasons why you should use the massage ball daily:

– It helps with muscle fatigue

If your muscles always feel tired and sore after a workout, you should use a massage ball.

One of the spike massage ball benefits is that it will help reduce muscle fatigue if used correctly.

One of the reasons why feet muscles get sore after strength training is that lifters often fail to wear the proper weight lifting shoes. 

Read why you should wear weightlifting shoes and how they benefit you here

That is why most trainers recommend using it directly after a workout, preferably before stretching. 

While the massage ball won’t remove all the muscle fatigue, it will reduce the pain, which will help you rest more peacefully.

– It helps speed up recovery

Massage balls are not just for reducing pain and making you feel good after a workout.

They are also quite valuable for speeding up the recovery process.

When you massage specific muscles, it causes the better blood flow in these muscles.

This helps damaged muscle tissue heal faster. It is also one of the benefits of a massage ball on foot. 

Most sportspeople will use a massage ball or rollerball to help with recovery.

Apart from increasing blood flow to the muscles, massage balls also help the tight ligaments stretch.

It also aids in muscle recovery.


– It helps keep your muscles relaxed

While stretching may be a regular part of your workout routine, it may not be enough in many cases. 

Sometimes, you can’t stretch the particular muscle group that is in pain.

Other times, you will feel too tired to stretch.

While a massage ball is no substitute for stretching, it can help keep the muscles relaxed.

Having relaxed muscles is key to improving your performance in the gym.

The more you stretch and work on specific muscle groups, the better these will work for you in gym workouts.

– It’s easy to use

Unlike many complex massage machines, a massage ball is small and easy to carry around.

Some gyms will have them as part of the equipment.

If not, you can always bring your massage ball to the gym.

You can even carry it around to help you relax if you have muscle pain.

Massage balls are also relatively inexpensive as compared to many massage machines or even going for massage therapy.

– Great for mental relaxation

Using a massage ball is beneficial for reducing muscle tension, but it can be used for mental relaxation. 

Rolling the ball on areas with a lot of stress can help with blood flow, making you feel better.

The Bottom Line!

There is no denying that massage balls are therapeutic for sore muscles and muscle recovery.

However, despite their effectiveness, these great balls are not very popular among gym-goers.

And that’s one reason why pconsultedet confused when purchasing massage balls.

Well, If you wonder which type of massage ball you should purchase, there’s no need to worry.

All massage balls are designed to relieve muscle tension in their way.

Whether you use a spiky massage ball or around one or even a trigger point massage ball, the important thing is that you use it properly.

But it would be easier if you consult your trainer and physician about which type of massage balls and what movements you should follow. 


Are massage balls effective?

Yes. Massage balls effectively reduce muscle fatigue, improve recovery time, and ensure that your muscles are relaxed.

How often should you use a massage ball?

You can use it as much as you want, although it is recommended to use it once a day. Using it more than that will slow down the recovery process.

What does a massage roller bail do?

A massage roller ball can be rolled in between the muscles and a hard surface. This exerts light pressure on the muscles, which helps reduce fatigue. There are also multiple other massage roller ball benefits.

Can I use a massage ball instead of stretching?

While a good massage ball will have similar effects on the muscles as stretching, it is no substitute for an extension. Its recommended that you use both together for the best result.

What type of massage ball is best?

There is no specific type of massage ball that is best. It’s up to you to decide which one suits your needs. 

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