What is an Arc Trainer, What is it used for and [Five] Benefits of the Arc Trainer

With so many pieces of sophisticated workout equipment, finding the right one can be pretty tricky.

If you’ve ever been to a premium gym before, you’ll notice that there are many specialized types of equipment.

Each machine is designed to target specialized muscle groups and may not be helpful for multiple exercises. 

However, some of these pieces of exercise equipment are quite useful.

Take the arc trainer, for example.

This specialized workout machine is a hybrid between an exercise bike, a stair climber, and a treadmill.

It is one of the best exercise machines for developing different muscles and comes with benefits. 

What is an Arc trainer? 

As the name suggests, an arc trainer is an exercise machine with pedals that move in an arcuate pattern.

As you move the pedals in this pattern, you push a lot of your weight through your gait.

This motion causes you to burn more calories than you would on a regular exercise bike. 

If you’ve never used an Arc trainer before, then it’s time to try it out.

In an independent study on the efficiency and the benefits of the arc trainer, conducted by Florida Atlantic University, it has been found that Arc Trainers are, in fact, biomechanically more efficient than popular elliptical trainers. 

The study also shows that arc trainers are more efficient at activating the large muscle groups in the lower body.

Benefits of the Arc Trainer

Apart from simply getting your heart rate up, the Arc Trainer has several other benefits.

Here are the top benefits of an arc trainer: 

It helps you burn calories. 

While a regular exercise bike will also help you burn many calories, the arc trainer is more efficient.

The fact that you are moving most of your weight with your gait strength allows you to put more effort into the motions.

As you may know by now, more intense workouts will also burn more calories. 

The arc trainer can help you burn up to 500 calories in a 30-minute session.

It is close to 15% more calories than a regular treadmill.

If your goal is to lose fat and burn enough calories for weight loss, then the arc trainer is ideal. 

However, to lose weight by using the arc trainer, you will have to control your diet.

There’s no use in burning calories if you are consuming more than you burn.

Try to create a schedule for training that is in conjunction with your diet plan so you can benefit from the arc trainer. 

It helps you work your leg muscles.

Never overlook your leg workouts, especially if you want to gain more strength.

Most workouts and power exercises involve the use of the leg and thigh muscles.

If you wish to get the most out of your workouts, you should strengthen your legs. 

Thanks to its unique design, the arc trainer is great for developing strength in all leg muscles. 

When doing an arc training workout, you’ll notice that your thighs and glutes are put under strain.

These are two of the most critical leg muscles and are essential in other lifting exercises.

Unlike many machines specializing in developing leg muscles, the arc trainer can help work for different muscle groups.

By going through the pedaling motions, you can work on your core muscles as well.

It’s light on your joints.

Unlike many other forms of cardiovascular exercise, spending time on the arc trainer won’t hurt your joints.

The arc trainer is light on the knees, ankles, and other joints.

The arc shape in which the pedals are moved means that it is less likely to cause injuries.

If you risk getting injured, you should use the arc trainer instead of a regular treadmill.

It’s also perfect for people who experience knee pain and other joint pain. 

The arc trainer is great for cardio. 

Most people try and complete a full-body workout in the gym.

If you don’t have enough time to go for a run every day, you can compensate using the arc trainer.

The arc trainer is great for cardio workouts and can help develop your anaerobic capacity.

If your fitness goal is to increase your stamina, you should ideally pedal faster using this machine. 

The resistance design of the arc trainer is perfect for developing stamina.

The more effort you put into the workout, the better your anaerobic strength will be.

Of course, you can use a treadmill to build stamina, but it won’t have the same muscle-building benefits as such.

The arc trainer is a great combination exercise machine for combining different workout goals. 

The arc trainer is adaptable. 

While there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect workout machine, the arc trainer comes close.

In contrast, it is designed to target many muscle groups.

Did you know that you can adjust it even further?

The arc trainer usually comes in varying levels of difficulty.

You can adjust the incline according to the types of muscles that you want to work on and your workout goals. 

For example, using the steep incline helps you do a workout similar to mountain climbing. 

Anyone who has gone hiking before knows how difficult that is!

You can also adjust the trainer to a lesser incline, which allows you to pedal with more speed. 

Using more speed is a great way to increase your stamina and endurance. 

Is the arc trainer worth it? 

Considering the many different benefits of an arc trainer, you would think that every gym would have it.

However, not everyone thinks the best arc trainer is worth the price.

The real question that you may have in mind is whether to use an arc trainer over many other exercise machines or not. 

If you search for Arc trainer Reddit and compare the benefits of arc trainer vs. elliptical, you’ll notice that many people feel that the arc trainer is better.

Comparing the arc trainer vs. stair climber gives the same results.

While these other machines are great for working out specific muscle groups, the arc trainer is great for developing many muscle groups.

What about cardio? Can you compare the arc trainer vs. running?

Yes, you can!

While running is a great way to burn calories, it is often hard on the joints.

Besides, you can’t run in poor weather conditions, while you can always use an arc trainer indoors. 

If you are looking for the perfect workout machine, the arc trainer should be your first choice. 


Is Arc trainer good for weight loss? 

The Arc Trainer is perfect for weight loss. It helps you burn up to 500 calories per 30-minute session, which will help you lose weight gradually. 

Is the Arc Trainer a good workout? 

Yes. Doing a session on the arc trainer will help build your strength and cardiovascular stamina. It is a balanced workout that targets many different muscle groups. 

Is the Arc trainer better than an elliptical? 

In many ways, the arc trainer is better than the elliptical. Not only can it be used for many purposes, but it is also great for cardio. 

Does the Arc Trainer build glutes? 

The arc trainer can build glutes and many other leg muscles. People who run or lift weights know how important it is to have strong glutes. If you want to strengthen your leg muscles, try out the arc trainer for glutes’ strength. 

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