HeatGear, Seven valuable benefits and Top 5 HeatGear products

Heat Gear is an advantageous type of clothing to resist the effects of hot weather for an effective workout without feeling uncomfortable.

This article will talk about Heat Gear’s unique properties and benefits and some of the popular Under Armour HeatGear products.

What is HeatGear Under Armour?

Heat Gear is a line of clothing and gym gear designed by Under Armour for use in hot and dry weather. The name HeatGear, depicts unique clothing that is intended to be used to combat the heat.

How does Heat Gear work?

There are three main distinctive features of the material of Under Armour HeatGear. These are:

  • Super lightweight fabric
  • Breathable material
  • Moisture-wicking property
  • Quick-drying property

These properties make it very comfortable for the wearer and help easy evaporation of moisture to give athletes a seamless feel even in scorching weather.

What material is Heat Gear made of?

Under Armour has developed the technology of Heat Gear and other types of sportswear by using performance fabric in their apparel. The material of Heat Gear is either 100% polyester or may contain some amount of Elasterell.

What is the primary purpose of Heat Gear?

The primary purpose of making and using Heat Gear is to provide as much comfort and ease of service to the wearer as possible. The aim is to help the user focus on their sport and help them resist the harsh effects of temperature stress and weather conditions for best results.

Benefits of Heat Gear

Here are the seven most valuable benefits of Heat Gear and the qualities that make it an excellent choice for athletics, gym, and even ordinary wear.

1.    Feels soft and lightweight

HeatGear is made from fragile fabric that is soft on the skin and offers a lot of ventilation. It provides very little insulation, which makes it very comfortable and seamless to wear in hot weather.

2.    Provides compression

Although there are various types of fitting available in Heat Gear, the type specifically designed for training has a snug fit to offer compression. This property can enhance performance during workouts by keeping the muscles warm and regulating blood flow.

3.    Protects from heat stress

The material of Heat Gear is specially formulated to provide cooling and prevent heat stress that can hinder your performance. It is vital for intense and stressful workouts where you need a lot of energy.

4.    Provides UV protection

Heat gear clothing can protect you from harmful rays of the sun to avoid many dangerous skin conditions.

5.    Keeps you dry

During running and other exercises, your clothes can become drenched in sweat that can be very annoying. The material of Heat Gear makes sweat and moisture spread out more for easier evaporation.

6.    Consists of long-lasting material

One of the best qualities of Heat Gear is its ability to endure a lot of harsh conditions. It is very hard-wearing and can stay good as new after many years of use and frequent washing.

7.    Offers Versatility

You can use Heat Gear for various reasons like hiking, running, jogging, biking, games, and gym wear. They help improve efficiency for almost every sport and exercise and are even an excellent choice for casual wear.

Types of fitting available in Under Armour HeatGear

To suit the style and fit every body type, Under Armour has designed Heat Gear with various options for fitting. Here are the fitting options of Heat Gear that you can select from.

1.    Compression

Compression Heat Gear consists of snug fit material that hugs the body tightly and produces compression for better blood flow. It avoids the build-up of lactic acid, strain and fatigue.

It acts as a second skin and helps distribute moisture and regulate heat. This type of Heat gear is most suitable for serious athletes and sportspeople for better performance.

2.    Fitted

It is also a snug-fit type of Heat Gear but isn’t as tight as compression gear. These are made to fit and flatter the body shape without being too tight to restrict the body’s motion.  This style is best for athletes who like to wear slim-fit clothing.

3.    Semi-fitted

These are less fitter than the previous type of clothing but still, fit enough to flatter the wearer’s body shape. This style is best for people who do not want snug-fit clothing neither do they prefer baggy clothes.

4.    Loose

This type of Heat Gear offers maximum room and freedom for motion and give a comfortable feel with a very loose cut design.

Top Heat Gear products

There are many options available in Heat Gear that you can get to make your workout more effective. Here are some of the top products and their features.

1.    Men’s UA tech 2.0 short sleeve t-shirt

It is an Under Armour HeatGear loose men’s t-shirt that is soft and comfortable to wear. Its fabric has a naturally soft feel and is made from 100% polyester.

There are several sizes available in the shirt for a comfortable fit. The design is streamlined with a shaped hem. The shirt also contains anti-odour technology to prevent any bad smells from hindering your exercise.

2.    Men’s UA tech graphic shorts

These Heat Gear Under Armour shorts also contain Under Armour tech, which helps wick away moisture and keeps you cool and dry. The shorts are printed and have mesh pockets inside.

The material is soft polyester, and they contain an elastic waistband. The waistband includes an inward drawcord.

3.    Women’s UA meridian crop

These women’s workout pants are very soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear. The material is polyester and some percentage of elastase.

The distinct feature of these pants is the high waistband that is also stretchy and very comfortable available in various sizes for a perfect fit. The material has quick drying property, and the elasticity allows a considerable range of free movement in every direction.

4.    Men’s UA Playoff Polo 2.0

This Heat Gear Under Armour t-shirt is very stretchy and is made of 95% polyester. It contains self-fabric collars and a logo on the front of the shirt.

The shirt’s material is quick-drying, moisture-wicking and extra stretchy to allow a maximum range of motion with comfort. It also consists of UPF technology to protect you from harmful rays of the sun and odour prevention ability.

5.    Men’s UA tech V-neck short sleeve

This Under Armour shirt consists of the traditional UA technology that makes it lose, light and cool to wear. The material is 100% polyester, making it super stretchy, and the fitting is streamlined with a shaped hem.

Frequently asked questions

Does Heat Gear keep you cool?

Yes, Hear Gear can filter out and spread moisture and is also very airy. The cooling is caused by evaporation that Heat Gear clothing easily allows.

Is all Heat Gear compression?

The material of Heat Gear is made from UA tech performance fabric that has the property of compression. You can, however, get various fits ranging from very loose to skin-tight to get your desired level of compression from the clothing.

Is it okay to wear Heat Gear for everyday use?

It is perfectly okay to wear Heat Gear casually as day-to-day wear. If you are a fan of lightweight and soft clothing, Heat Gear is a great choice.

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