Is Yoga Better Before or After Workout?

If your desire is to pair a Yoga routine with your workout, you will get the most benefit by adding it to the end of your workout rather than the beginning. This of course depends on the type of Yoga you wish to perform as well.

What is Yoga and how will it benefit your workout?

            Yoga is a specialized and ancient form of exercise that involves poses that focuses heavily on flexibility, breathing, and strength. The roots of Yoga practices come from a spiritual place, but now Yoga practices have been adapted to both fitness and spiritual practices.

            The movements or poses involved in Yoga mainly involve stretching, which is a key part of any fitness routine more  often than not. Stretching before a workout is incredibly beneficial in order to get your muscles ready for what you are about to do, but Yoga stretches aren’t typically very light or gentle.

Why Yoga should be kept at the end of workout ?

            Saving Yoga stretches as a cool down stretching routine to your workout would be far more beneficial than performing Yoga before a workout. If you were to perform the deep stretches that many Yoga routines involve, before your main workout, you may find that your muscles aren’t up for performing at their best, as they are all tired already.

            This study here goes on to support the claim that stretching before working out isn’t as beneficial to the workout as many people have come to believe. Instead, saving your Yoga routine for the end of your workout allows your muscles to stretch out and cool down, aiding in the recovery phase that begins immediately after an intense workout.

To sum it up!!

            Yoga is certainly more beneficial when performed after a workout rather than before. Reason being, you do not want to over exert your muscles before the real work has even begun.

Instead, saving a light to moderate Yoga routine for after a workout will be most beneficial.

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