LIIT vs HIIT – Pros And Cons And Which Intensity Is Right ?

  • Both LIIT (Low-Intensity Interval Training) and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) belong to the world of health and fitness. 
  • They both are among the types of practical activities that can be accomplished at home and outside the home as well. 
  • Just like HIIT, low-intensity training also strengthens the size of body muscles.
  • Both activities encourage you to burn calories.
  • Accordingly, you can burn body fats by achieving both high and low-intensity training.
  • The major difference between high-intensity and low-intensity activity is the period employs to perform the task.

Though both LIIT and HIIT belong to the same category of workout yet, they may comprise some dissimilarities.

However, the massive disparity between both of them contains the time difference and the power you put while performing the activity. 

Both HIIT and LIIT deliver the same beliefs. Plus, they enrich your physical and mental health by providing you with the actual benefits.  

However, in this article, we will provide you with an extensive comparison between both types of training.

Besides, we would deliver an easy conceptual view of both workouts by discussing the major difference between LIIT and HIIT.

Moreover, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both high-intensity and low-intensity workouts. 

After reading the article carefully, you will discover which intensity is better for your manual health.


How Is LIIT Different From HIIT?

The term LIIT represents the type of exercise that can be performed by putting low power while HIIT requires a high level of strength; thus, it is recognized as a high-intensity workout.

However, let’s discuss the main differences between LIIT and HIIT workouts in detail.

Some Major Disparities Between LIIT And HIIT

  • Duration

The main conflict between both activities is time. LIIT needs more time while HIIT requires less time.

However, both types of exercise provide you with the exact functions. All you need to learn is that LIIT may require more time as compared to HIIT.

  • Impacts On Your Body

Both LIIT and HIIT have different impacts on your body. LIIT is safe and stable, but HIIT may cause you injury.

Thus, LIIT is suitable for beginners, people who are not familiar with heavy pieces of training.  

  • Same Results With Different Impacts

Both exercises provide you with the exact outcomes. HIIT and LIIT both can burn the same level of calories.

But the major difference that can be notified is that one is a safe option and the other is not. HIIT may not be suitable for everybody, while LIIT is the best option for all.

  • Impacts On The Level Of Blood Pressure

HIIT is suitable for those who have high blood pressure issues. People with hypertension can take advantage by doing HIIT.

However, LIIT delivers ordinary effective impacts for everybody. This kind of workout is beneficial for both low and high blood pressure.

  • Aerobic And Anaerobic Forms

Low-Intensity Workouts represent the aerobic form of the body metabolism. As we know, all aerobic exercises require a long period to be achieved. Thus, LIIT is known as aerobic exercise.

Besides that, anaerobic exercise is the form of workout that can be accomplished in less duration, plus it enables you to rapidly lose weight.


What Is LIIT?

LIIT is a low-intensity workout – exercise that requires a low level of energy. You can perform it effortlessly without having to worry about any harmful impacts.

LIIT provides you with multiple advantages, including lower the danger of cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, by accomplishing it regularly, you can handily overcome the weakness of bones and muscles.

However, to learn further about the positive impacts of low-intensity training, let’s have a look at the list of advantages that are given below.

Pros Of LIIT

LIIT is the same level of HIIT exercise, but it may comprise some variations. By achieving it regularly, you can attain multiple benefits.

  • Perfect For Beginners

Even people who are are not familiar with training can easily obtain low-intensity training. It is a susceptible and comfortable way to achieve a healthy workout. 

  • Prevents The Injuries

High Intensity works out may lead to injury as you put more power to run and jump. However, low-intensity training prevents the risks of injury by providing comfort. 

  • As Effective As HIIT

LIIT is as effective as HIIT. There is no doubt that low-intensity training can also provide you with the same benefits that you can attain from high-intensity training.

  • Helps To Burn The Calories

Low-intensity training helps to burn calories as well as body fats.

Though it requires more time to burn the fats yet you can safely obtain the results.

  • Expands The Respiratory System

With the help of low-intensity training, the lungs of your body start functioning properly.

They supply oxygen to the body and muscles in an effective way.

  • Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

As low-intensity training prevents the risk of hypertension, it also prevents heart and vessels diseases.

Cons Of LIIT

There is no basic disadvantage of doing low-intensity training as by performing it, you can get the same benefits as you obtain from HIIT. However, the obvious conflict of low-intensity training may encourage you to perform HIIT.

LIIT Requires More Time

We all know about the benefits of doing workouts. But many of us do not find time to go to the gym for training because of our busy schedules.

We all are looking for a kind of activity that can be achieved rapidly. Though low-intensity training is effective yet it requires more time to be done. Well, that is one of the reasons why people prefer to do high-intensity interval workouts.

You May Wait For Weeks To Notice The Results

Unlike high-intensity exercise, LIIT may take a long time to show its effects on our bodies.

As LIIT is being performed with low intensity, accordingly it is not as quick as HIIT.

It Does Not Rapidly Burn The Calories

If you are looking for a workout that provides you with a rapid result with less time duration. Then LIIT is not the right option for you.

Though LIIT provides you multiple benefits yet it can take a long time to burn the calories. Thus, you have to wait until you notice the change.


What Is HIIT?

A short and rapid form of exercise that can be accomplished by expending high intensity.

It helps to improve the stability of muscles by adequately providing oxygen to the body.

Moreover, high-intensity interval training or HIIT is a kind of exercise that is done in a short period to reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease.

Pros Of HIIT

Some people, especially the young generation, prefer accomplishing high-intensity interval or HIIT activities because HIIT comprises multiple benefits.

However, some of the crucial benefits of HIIT are the following;

  • Saves Your Time

High-intensity activities make you able to work out even with your busy schedule as these kinds of activities can be performed rapidly.

Moreover, you would not require to expend more time doing HIIT exercise as you can get the results even after accomplishing it for 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Essential ForWeightloss

HIIT is an essential tool for losing weight. According to studies, High-intensity training enables you to reduce weight more than any other exercise than do.

  • Helps To Loss The Belly Fat

Similarly, as overweight, HIIT also reduces belly fat. A recent study indicates that HIIT certainly helped to overcome belly fats.

  • Regulates The Oxygen Level And Improves Blood Sugar

High-intensity training is beneficial for the respiratory system. It enhances the oxygen level and effectively delivers oxygen to the other muscles of the body.

  • You Can Attain It Anywhere

As HIIT training requires a short period to be achieved thus, it can be performed at home and outside the home as well.


Cons Of HIIT

  • Not For Everybody

HIIT may not be suitable for everybody as it

  • enhances the risk of injury
  • increase the heartbeat
  • It Can Make You Feel Dazed

HIIT requires a high level of intensity; thus, accomplishing it rapidly may result in dizziness.

When you obtain high-intensity training, you push yourself harder; accordingly, you may feel fainted or dizzy due to dehydration.


Both high and low-intensity training empowers you with the same outcomes. But if you are looking for quick and more effective results, then High-Intensity Interval Training would be a great option for you.

However, people who are beginners who want to experience an easy exercise should go with Low-Intensity Interval Training as it is not as hard as the HIIT.


Which Intensity Is Better ForWeightloss HIIT Or LIIT?

High-intensity training is more effective in losing body fats. That is why it is popular among people.

There are many reasons behind the popularity of HIIT, including the less period. Plus, you can accomplish the task easily at home as it expects less duration.

Is LIIT As Good As HIIT?

Low-intensity training may require more time as compared to high intensity, but there is no doubt that both LIIT and HIIT provide similar impacts on our bodies.

Both pieces of training are equally effective. Thus, LIIT is as good as HIIT.

Does HIIT Burn Belly Fat?

High-intensity training can easily burn belly fat. As HIIT requires less time to reveal its effects on our body, similarly, it burns the body fats rapidly.

Besides that, if you are dealing with belly fat and find no solution to overcome it, then you must try high-intensity workouts as they may help. 




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