What are Olympic Barbells and how they are different from Standard Barbells ? Is one better than the other ?

Barbells are strong and straight bars used to perform resistance based strength training exercises.

So what is the deal with Olympic Barbells and Standard Barbells…

Here’s the truth!

Olympic Barbells vs Standard Barbells

By comparison, they are both excellent in their use but “in their place.”

If you are going to use standard barbells, then, of course, this is what you will find best, and this is precisely the case with Olympic barbells.

But the difference between the two is that standard barbells are used when you are just starting.

However, Olympic barbells only when you are able to lift more weight and control it.

Speaking of standard barbells, they are much lighter than Olympic barbells.

At the same time, Olympic barbells weigh more than 45 pounds.

Based on functionality, the Olympic barbells are used to increase strength by resistance exercises.

These include bench pressing, over head pressing, squatting, and deadlifting, and much more.

Whereas standard barbells perform the same function but at lower levels and less weight.

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Comparison of Functionality of Barbells

When it comes to the standard barbell function, it supports you at the beginner level. However, it highlights your body cuts.

When joining a gym, you are first told to grip standard barbells and lift weights. You could say that this is a step towards using the Olympic barbell usage.

Now when it comes to Olympic barbells, they are made for professionals—those who know how to use them to the fullest and benefit from them.

These are primarily found in commercial fitness centres, where most body builders use them for heavy weight lifting.

It has been advised to not to use these barbells when you are beginner in doing these strength exercises.

Comparison on the Basis of Parts

Both barbells are made of the best parts in their own right. But we further compare their parts to find the best one.

These two parts must be the best to make any barbell very strong and desirable:

Knurling and Whip

Depending upon the type, and features of barbell the location of Knurling is decided. But when it comes to them, Knurling is not much specified in standard barbells. And highly pronounced on Olympic barbells.

The reason behind is that Olympic barbells are used to lift more weight as compared to the standard ones.

Steel, the main component in manufacturing of barbells stores more energy. Bending, and bouncing back is highly decided by this too.

The power of steel to store elasticity energy is called whip. The bending, and bouncing back is highly depends upon this material.  

Compared to the standard barbells, Olympic barbells have more whip power because it decides how much weight a barbel can lift.

Based on variation in whip power, Olympic barbells have three special categories:

  • Squat Barbells
  • Bench press barbells           
  • Deadlift Barbells

Comparison of Weight of Barbells

Keeping in view, the Olympic barbells have more weight, and this is due to the difference in material, thickness, and sleeves. If we talk about the actual weight, standard barbells are 6 to 12 kg.

On the other hand, Olympic barbells at the same time have 13 to 20 kg.

This weight does not include plates. So, you can get an idea of how heavy the Olympic barbell is when heavy plates become included.

The standard barbells are lighter due to the light and normal material used, while Olympic barbells have quality materials, along with the wide size and larger ends.

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Comparison of Strength of Barbells

The strength of a barbell is highly dependent upon the material used in it. The Olympic barbells have more strength, and they have quality material used in them.

And, of course, the strength is dependent upon weight along with the material.

While the standard barbell has low strength, it can’t bear much weight, and it can be broken down if you put many high weighted plates on it.

Comparison on Material

This is the biggest base of comparison to check the strength of a barbell.

In this regard, standard barbells are used to stiffen or such steel that cannot bear high weights and can be broken.

While, the Olympic barbells use such steel materials, which allow higher flexibility, whip power, and elasticity in the overall rod. So, that’s what makes these barbells the most useful ones.

Comparison of Sleeves Strength

Sleeves strength is too much necessary, especially when you are going to do the jerk movements. When you raise a higher weight from the ground to over your head, sleeve ends rotates here.

Technically, the best the sleeve ends are, the reduced the amount of torque and the strain on your shoulders.

Olympic barbells introduce their sleeves strength to 50 mm, or 2″ ends. At the same time, standard barbells haven’t raised the feature yet.

In most cases, the sleeves of the Olympic barbells are freely moveable. The phenomenon is that the rotation of sleeves aids in efficiently decreasing the torque levels produced by the heavy plates.

Comparison of Barbell’s Diameter

Standard barbells have a width from 25mm (1 inch) in diameter to 28 mm. While the main shaft of an Olympic barbell varies from 28-30mm (depending on the quality of steel), the end sleeves on Olympic barbells are 50mm (2 inches) in width.

Standard barbells diameters vary across brands, mainly due to the extreme qualities of the steel (and standard weight plates often have different diameter holes).

It’s always essential to check material and other instructions when purchasing a standard barbell that your standard plates will fit into.

Same for Olympic barbells, but to a lesser degree. An excellent quality Olympic barbell will have a consistent sleeve diameter.

It’s essential to make sure that you’re matching the diameter of the end of your bar to the diameter of your weight plates.

If not, you could be left with a stack of weights that you’re unable to slide onto the end of your bar.

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Comparison on the basis of Cost

Olympic barbells are more expensive than standard barbells due to many different reasons. This is a consequence of a number of factors:

  • Olympic barbells use more quality material – as they are thicker and often longer than standard barbells.
  • The sleeves/ends on Olympic barbells require additional technology. While materials to manufacture is the most important thing here.
  • The weight and size ratio can be highly considered in this regard.

These are some of the stunning revealed features mentioning about the manufacturing, and use of Olympic barbells. The quality, material, advanced manufacturing, along with the prioritized technologies make Olympic barbells expensive.

Wrapping Up!

Standard Barbells and Olympic Barbells both perform an efficient role in their respective domains. But you need to understand the level to which you are performing resistance for strength exercises.

If you are a beginner, you need to continue with the standard barbells and Olympic barbells if you are a professional bodybuilder.

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