Our Contributors

Jamie Davies

Jamie is a freelance writer and journalist. After discovering health and fitness in early adulthood, he learnt to harness their feel-good effects for the benefit of his mental well-being. Hardly a day goes by where he isn’t found pounding the pavement in his local forests, and a love for good food has helped him develop as an aspiring (if not always successful) home cook!

Jamie has been regularly contributing to other well known fitness websites as well. For example, his work for keepfitkingdom.

Andrew Wood

Andrew wood is a certified CrossFit level 1 coach and holds a Canadian fitness trainer certification. Out of his sheer passion for health and fitness, Andrew has been sharing his expertise for past several years.

Katelyn Yarnell

A graduate of Cabarrus college of health sciences, Kate is passionate about medicine, wordsmithing and coffee.

As a curator of health and wellness content for websites at night, Kate is making great impact on the health of their audience and maintains a couple of exquisite sites herself as well:

Matthew Mace

Matthew is an SEO freelance writer, sports graduate from the University of Durham, founder of Running101, and all-around fitness fanatic. Oh, and his recent obsession involves getting quicker on two wheels… a thing they call road biking.