Punching Sandbag Without Gloves

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  • Benefits of punching sandbags without gloves
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Surely, the title will give an idea of the focusing debate in this article. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

What is Sandbag and its Gloves?

The sandbag is similar to other boxing bags, but the material used in it is art sand. Because of the sand in it, these bags become harder, which is why they are used more by boxers than other bags.

The manufacturers have introduced different categories of these bags depending on the texture, weight, and size. The most widely used sandbags are small marker sandbags, tube sandbags, saddle and butterfly sandbags, and much more. 

If we talk about their gloves, these are used to protect your hands from any harm. These are available in different sizes, depending on the weight of the sandbag for the workout. 

One of their major drawbacks is that they slow down your punching speed, and that’s why more boxers avoid using these gloves while doing sandbag workouts. But, don’t you think it can be dangerous to punch a heavy sandbag without gloves’ protection? 

Here’s the truth!

Is punching sandbags without gloves dangerous?

Many professional boxers have asked this question many times, to which the answer has always been yes. He said that he has experienced that sandbags can be punched without gloves. But, if you don’t want it to hurt you, you have to do it very technically.

It can hurt people who are beginners and don’t know how to defend themselves while punching. Below, some senior techniques have been shared on how you can safely punch sandbag without any danger!

Techniques to punch sandbag safely without gloves

Punching sandbag is a great workout for the entire body, but you should be aware of the right punching techniques in this regard. This is a rare skill, builds strength, and is very useful for body workout engagement. That’s what you can even perform without gloves.

Follow these technique steps while punching the sandbag without gloves!

  • Step 1: Stand close enough to the bag so you can hit it if you rotate your hips behind the punch, but far enough away that you can’t reach without rotating your hips.
  • Step 2: Select your base, and dig your big toe of the foot into the ground. Then force from your toe rise through your leg, then rotate your shoulders and hips.
  • Step 3: Drive your punch with the help of your torso, rather than using your fist to reach out the sandbag. 
  • Step 4: It’s better to hit strongly with the middle fingers of your hand, along with the large knuckles. This is because using smaller knuckles for hitting can cause a painful break of the bone.
  • Step 5: When you withdraw the first punch, drive your other hand towards the sandbag. 
  • Step 6: Make cycles for the powerful strikes and then evaluate how strongly your punches will feel. That’s what helps you to get aware of the severity of your punch. In contrast, if you feel pain in the elbow or shoulder, you did the wrong. 
  • Step 7: Adjust your punching angles until they feel right.

Avoid these punching styles without sandbag gloves

If you are doing a workout without gloves, you should avoid these positions to avoid any harm.

  • Wrong Footwork Position
  • Unstable Guard Down
  • Irritating Stand-up Position 
  • Not restricted or wide hooks 
  • Irritating or non efficient fists 
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Punching daily sandbag workouts 

If the described workouts are performed in routine, they will massively benefit you. Let’s discuss them.

Sparring Workout

In Sparring, you would learn to perform straight punching. It has been said that no other sandbag training can define harder fighting conditions than Sparring. Apart from everything, Sparring is an excellent boxing workout ever. 

The Sparring is the hardest workout of the sandbag, which engages every muscle of your body with each twist and jump. Besides, thearms get an excellent workout with each upswing.

During this workout, your mind should be fully engaged with the up and down movements of the sandbag. It will help you to learn how you can keep balancing your movements.

Here, you will also experience irregular breathing patterns, which will enhance your stamina. 

The Mitts Workout

Mitts are one of the best boxing drills for learning a new technique. Mitts work on your timing and precision under circumstances that resemble a real fight. You start with a moving target that punches back at you.

Try not to throw full force into every shot, but work on the precision of each swing, timing, breathing pattern, coordination, and reflexes. Control yourself and try not to wear yourself out too quickly.


Shadowboxing is circling an invisible opponent while boxing at them. Shadowboxing in front of a mirror allows you to see your body and notice all the changes in your movements. From a physical perspective, it enhances your form, speed, and balance.

You can practice whatever you’d like at full speed while moving around. The only things you need to shadowbox are a place to train and free time.

Double-end bag

The double-end bag is an exercise tool that is somewhere between a heavy bag and a speed bag. The double-end bag possesses a far greater challenge to strike and develops your higher-level skills, mostly timing and accuracy.

The double-end bag is amazing for improving your hand speed and arm conditioning. If your speed isn’t fast enough to strike the double-end bag, you may not be fast enough to hit an opponent.

Jump rope

The jump rope trains you mentally and helps you increase your muscle efficiency while enhancing your muscle conditioning. The jump rope mainly teaches body conditioning and relaxation.

Beginners usually struggle between constantly using their muscles and not knowing how to relax. However, if you know how to train yourself to relax, you can jump rope for extended periods and not lose too much energy.

Jumping rope develops mental relaxation and requires a minimum level of awareness. Physically, it works out your arms, shoulders, back, and legs. You develop better and more relaxed footwork.

To take good care of your body, make sure you know what to do after a workout and how to cool down and hydrate properly.

SOURCE: Pexels.com

Benefits of Punching Sandbags

If you are practicing punching sandbags without gloves, you will surely reward yourself with these benefits. 

Enhanced Power Punching

When you consistently hit the heavy bag or sandbag, you will develop into a more effective power puncher. The heavy bag can weigh between 60 and 90 lb., and to hit it effectively, you must use your entire body. 

The bag is just too big and heavy to hit it hard if you are throwing arm punches. Hitting it properly means the punch starts in your legs, travels through your core muscles and upper body before exploding through your hands and arms. 

To use your entire body, step toward the bag as you throw a punch and as you complete your step, shift your weight from one side of your body to the other as your arm moves. This will give you an explosive punch.

Upper Body Strength

Throwing a heavy volume of punches at a heavy bag or sandbag will help you develop upper body strength. This is the effective strength that will allow you to throw punches rapidly and absorb upper body punches without getting hurt.

Hit the bag for three minutes at a time, take a one-minute break and then repeat the exercise.

Build up Confidence Against Opponent 

When you learn how to hit opponents with power punches, you go into the ring knowing you can punish your opponent with hard punches. When you hit the heavy bag properly, the bag will move in the direction you swing your fist. 

This is usable power and strength in the ring. When you can move that bag with power punches, you know you can do the same thing to your opponent when you hit her with a power punch.


Hitting the sandbag is both a strength-building and cardiovascular exercise. Hitting the bag in a rapid-fire fashion will help you burn calories at a rate of 400 per hour and develop strength at the same time.

It is an effective fat-burning workout when you hit the heavy bag for three to five minutes at a time.

Wrapping Up!

Punching a sandbag without gloves is possible, but you have to learn some techniques and tricks in this regard. That’s what highly avoids and danger from you, and keep your practicing well.

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