[Seven] Pros and [four] Cons of Wearing Weighted Vest All Day

Weight vests are common among fitness trainers.

Fitness enthusiasts use these vests to increase their body-weight workouts like push-ups, squats, lunges, etc.

What intrigues most people is whether donning a weight vest all day has any benefit?

And if the miraculous effects do exist, should/can everyone wear a weighted vest all day?

A weight vest indeed has several benefits for physical fitness, muscle strength, agility, and endurance.

However, whether everyone should wear a weighted vest depends on multiple factors.

To help you understand the use of a weighted vest, we have explained its benefits and possible risks backed by studies and research.

Can You Wear Weighted Vest All Day?

Yes! You can wear a weighted vest during your routine activities like walking, running, working out, or even doing chores.

Some people have tried it and reported excellent results.

Sadly, the harsh reality about the weighted vest is the conflicting views all over the web.

A weighted vest is a no-be-all, end-all solution.

Every individual has a different physique with different fitness needs and goals.

So, wearing a weighted vest all day would not be the same for an overweight person as for someone who is in shape and fit.

Timo Ratalainen conducted a study on ‘can you wear a weighted vest all day’ – to find more conclusive answers.

In this study, two groups were involved: group A had eight males who wore a weighted vest throughout the day; group B had nine males (control group) who didn’t wear the vest at all.

The study revealed that men with weighted vests showed some effects as compared to the control group.

Though the benefits of wearing the vest all day were minimal, significant improvements in agility were reported.

The study also showed that it is best to wear a vest during workouts.

This is because it results in excellent improvements in the training performance.

Also, the study pointed out that people who want to wear a vest during the day should start from 5-10% of their body weight.

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Pros of Wearing a Weighted Vest All Day

1.   Strength & Agility with More Intensive Routine

One of the many benefits of wearing a weighted vest all day is that it significantly increases your training routine intensity.

Not only do you add up to your existing mass, but you also add weight to your core.

Ultimately you will be able to perform more dynamic and full-range body movements.

It will result in more demanding workouts.

Due to extra weight on your body, your joints and muscles require more strength.

As a result of training with a weighted vest, your muscle and joints will adapt, resulting in strength gain.

Another positive effect of wearing a weighted vest is improved conditioning and agility.

It is because the body has to adapt according to the increased weight.

2.   Convenience and Ease To Carry

In comparison to other gym equipment, like kettlebells, a weighted vest is more convenient.

It is true in respect of both carrying around and in case of an injury.

You can wear a weighted vest anywhere, any time of the day.

It is just like a vest, only with a weight.

It means that you can fold it easily and carry it around in your suitcase even when you are traveling.

The convenience of carrying around a weighted vest allows you to do more intense cardio exercises (running, walking, & cycling).

Moreover, in case of wrist/finger injury, when you cannot train with traditional gym gear, a weighted vest comes to your rescue.

This way, you can train without any limit while allowing yourself to heal without compromising your muscle activity.

3.   Increased Calorie Burn/Weight Loss

For someone who is struggling with their weight loss journey, they should go for a weighted vest.

When you wear a weighted vest all day and do your activities, you can notice weight loss.

As the vest adds more weight, which pushes your body to consume more energy, you burn more calories.

4.   Improved Posture

Weighted vests help people struggling with their posture.

As the weight increases, our body muscles and joints adapt and adjust accordingly.

The results are promising when you wear the vest during walking.

But simply wearing the weighted vest won’t solve your problem.

You have to be mindful of your posture the whole day.

5.   Customizable

Weighted vests are customizable.

It means you can add or remove weight as per your preferences.

Due to this feature, you can easily determine the amount of extra weight you need to train.

You don’t have to invest in other equipment or re-buy the vest every time you decide to add/remove the weight.

This feature makes a weighted vest an ideal gym gear to constantly build endurance and increase workout intensity continuously over time.

6.   Increased Limb Acceleration

Due to the added weight (from wearing a weighted vest), the load on the body increases.

As a result of this load, the body’s ability to produce force also increases.

So when the extra load (vest) is removed, limb (unweighted body) acceleration increases.

7.   Improved Training Performance

If you do bodyweight-only workouts, then wearing a weighted vest improves your training performance.

Within few weeks, you’ll notice the positive effects.

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The Downside of Wearing Weighted Vest All Day

1.   Potential Risk of Injuries

A weighted vest increases the risk of potential injuries and are not recommended at all for people with back and/or neck problems.

It is especially true for beginner trainers.

The reason is that your muscles and joints are not adapted to the extra load.

And when you suddenly add excess weight without being prepared, you invite the risk of injuries.

It is therefore advised to gradually and slowly increase the weight, as the vests are customizable. 

2.   More Stress on Joints

The vest puts stress on the muscles and joints.

These vests are ideally not a good option for people with joint problems or injuries.

Also, if you have back & neck pain or spinal stenosis, you shouldn’t wear a weighted vest.

3.   Not Effective for Everyone & Every Activity

You can indeed wear a weighted vest during your everyday activities.

However, there are some activities where wearing a vest has no real benefit or effect.

Besides, these vest makes workout challenging for overweight people.

4.   Possible Risk of Respiratory Problems

If you suffer from cardiovascular or respiratory problems, it is best not to train with a vest.

It can be harmful for your health.

The Final Verdict!

Yes, you can indeed wear a weighted vest all day.

But remember that there will be minimal improvements.

The vest will have different results for everyone.

While people who have started training with a vest can see improvements in agility, endurance, or strength, well-trained people may not notice any change.

Also, before you buy the vest and start training with it on, you must consider certain factors.

For example, you must consider your fitness needs, goals, body weight, physique, age, gender, training experience, and whether you have any health diagnosis.

Regardless of your training experience, it is best to start with a low weight of around 5-10% of your body weight and gradually increasing it.

It would be best to increase the vest weight according to your training levels and how long your joints can adapt to added weight.

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