[Six] Benefits of Taekwondo and What makes Taekwondo one of the best hitting drill

Self-defense has always been a great way to remain fit and healthy. The best part is that you get to learn a new skill as well. With karate and boxing being so popular, few people have tried out other forms of martial arts for exercise. 

However, did you know that Taekwondo can have immense value for your health? 

Taekwondo is becoming more popular by the day, and fitness experts have praised its benefits in improving one’s health. 

Taekwondo is very similar to karate but may involve a bit more exercise and workouts. The great thing is that you get to learn the fancy kicks that you see in most martial arts movies! 

So, what is Taekwondo, and should you start learning it? Read on more to find out! 

What is Taekwondo ? 

Taekwondo is a popular martial art that emphasizes kicks rather than punches. It typically involves combinations of high kicks performed while jumping. 

Taekwondo kicks are often higher and more fluid than those used in karate or muay Thai. However, they are also effective and can be used in self-defense situations. 

Taekwondo training typically involves a well-rounded session of strength and conditioning, technique, and cardio. If you are looking for something that will help you do a whole body workout, then Taekwondo is for you. 

Benefits of Taekwondo

Are you doing Taekwondo to learn the fancy techniques, or do you want to do it as a form of exercise? 

Regardless of your motive, there are multiple advantages of Taekwondo. 

So, if you ask yourself: ‘what are the advantages of regular training in taekwondo?’, then you should consider these benefits: 

1- Taekwondo teaches you discipline

Why do most people fail in their gym programs? Did you ever wonder why the majority of people leave their gym membership after a few weeks? 

The problem is not that the gym sessions are too complicated. The main problem comes from a lack of self-discipline. 

Taekwondo is a great way to develop discipline and self-control. Going to training every day will help you create a habit of training. 

By forming new habits, you will be more motivated to train daily, and your laziness will disappear. So how is Taekwondo different from a regular exercise routine? 

The benefit lies in the fact that many taekwondo training programs involve goal setting. You might have set some goals when you are in the gym, like improving your deadlift or other workout goals. 

However, because there is no competition, you’ll likely falter when it gets too hard. With a martial art like Taekwondo, you may be training for a competition, or you may have the goal of beating your seniors in training. This gives you a sense of goal-setting and discipline, which can help you in other areas of life. 

This is one of the main benefits of Taekwondo for adults. 

While children may learn it out of interest, adults need to dedicate time and effort, but the results are excellent. 

So, if you struggle with discipline, then it’s time to try out Taekwondo to bring positive change. 

2- Your flexibility will improve 

Have you ever watched a professional taekwondo practitioner do flying kicks? 

Their flexibility is impressive, right? The good news is that, with regular training, you can also develop that type of flexibility. 

Taekwondo involves high kicks, and unless you have flexibility in your legs, you won’t be able to do many of them. 

For the first few weeks, you may only do flexibility training exercises, along with a few basic kicks. After doing them for a few weeks, you’ll be surprised at how effective they are at improving your overall flexibility.

3- Taekwondo is great for improving your cardio

Most sports involve a lot of cardio training, and Taekwondo is no different. While most people look at the impressive kicks and fancy style, very few know about the cardio part. 

Taekwondo training involves doing a lot of cardio workouts.

Every training session may include running, sprints, doing circuit training, or jumping rope. All these workouts are ideal for developing good cardiovascular endurance. 

Good cardio will help you work out for longer without getting tired. You’ll also notice that as your cardio improves, your ability to perform complex techniques will also improve. 

Unfortunately, many gym-goers often ignore cardio workouts, which leaves them looking muscular. However, in reality, they struggle with stamina and strength.

 If you want to improve all aspects of your physique, Taekwondo is a perfect way. 

4- Your focus and self-esteem will improve

Taekwondo is a game of focus. Whether you are perfecting a particular kick or in a fight, you’ll need to have the excellent focus to perform. 

It’s unlikely that you’ll start with perfect focus, and you may get distracted while doing specific workouts. 

However, once you start training regularly, you’ll notice that your eye coordination will improve.

Similarly, Taekwondo is also great for improving your self-esteem. People who do martial arts may develop more confidence, thanks to the discipline that they learn. 

Simply knowing that you can defend yourself much better gives you more confidence and self-esteem. 

Besides, regular training and achieving certain ‘belts’ gives you a sense of accomplishment. This will further improve your confidence. 

5- You’ll lose weight 

Have you ever wondered why you’ve never seen an overweight martial arts practitioner? 

That’s because there is none! 

Taekwondo is a great way to help you lose weight. Regular workouts can burn a lot of calories. 

A typical session involves a lot of cardio, strengthening exercises, and technique practice, all of which are great for weight loss. 

You may have heard of many success stories of people who lost weight through Taekwondo or other martial arts. The best part of losing weight this way is that it is motivating and fun! 

6- Taekwondo helps you socialize

Studies have shown that nearly half of all people who go to the gym do so to socialize. 

This is another excellent advantage of Taekwondo. All the workout sessions are done as a group, regardless of your level of experience. The benefits of working out as a group are immense. 

Firstly, it gives you a sense of team motivation. In case you don’t feel like working out one day, your teammates will motivate you. 

Secondly, it gives you a sense of competition. People don’t like to look bad in front of others, and team training helps you push more than you would do alone. 

The Bottom Line!

To sum up, Taekwondo, this martial art practice, is truly unique. It’s not only a defense practice but also an excellent fitness training exercise. 

With Taekwondo, you get better focus, learn discipline and respect. Moreover, it makes you stronger, improves your flexibility and heart health. 

If you ask our opinion on Taekwondo whether you should register yourself in a training program, our answer would be “Go for it now.” Because it is fun, helpful, and most importantly, great for your fitness and overall health!


Is Taekwondo useful in real life? 

Without a doubt, knowing a martial art like Taekwondo can help you defend yourself much better in a self-defense situation. You’ll also benefit from improved discipline and focus and better self-esteem, which can help you in real life. 

What kind of benefits can you expect from learning Taekwondo? 

Taekwondo involves full-body workouts, which help you stay in shape. You also have many mental benefits, such as improved focus and sharpness. 

What are the benefits of Taekwondo for students? 

People of all ages can perform Taekwondo, but students benefit the most. Apart from teaching them new skills, it can also help with their discipline. 

Are there any disadvantages of Taekwondo? 

There are very few disadvantages of Taekwondo. The main disadvantage is that you’ll have to commit to a specific time. While some people do provide private classes, the majority of taekwondo classes are at a fixed time. However, this also counts as one of the benefits of Taekwondo as it helps you pre-commit and plan your day around your training sessions. 

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