What makes Bench Press unique when done with Gloves [Six] Pros and [Five] cons of doing bench press with gloves

Gloves are a type of gym gear that can be very useful for many exercises. They can also be very beneficial for performing a bench press. Some people, however, prefer to do bench press without gloves and like to feel the grip of weights with their bare hands.

This article will discuss the comparison of doing bench press with gloves and bare hands and the benefits and disadvantages of using gloves for bench press.

What is a bench press?

The bench press is an upper-body exercise in which a person lies on a bench with feet on the ground and upper body on the bench. You can perform it by pressing a barbell or dumbbells upwards against your body while lying on a weight bench.

What muscles does it target?

The bench press is mainly considered to be an upper-body exercise. It benefits the following muscles groups if done correctly.

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  • Back

Bench press with gloves

Weightlifting gloves are specially designed to support weightlifting exercises, including bench press. Some people, however, think that weightlifting gloves can hinder their exercise.

Gloves may serve many important purposes for a workout, including protecting hands, fingers, and wrists. Below are some of the pros and cons of wearing gloves for bench press that will help you decide which option is best for you.

What type of gloves should be used for bench press?

The best gloves for bench press are the ones that consist of the following features:

  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Proper and comfortable padding
  • Good grip

The last thing you need in your gloves for bench press is the extra thickness and bulky material. Leather gloves are a very suitable material in this regard.

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Benefits of doing bench press with gloves

Here are some of the significant benefits of wearing weightlifting gloves while performing bench press exercises.

1.    Prevent injuries

Preventing injuries is also a benefit of better grip offered by weightlifting gloves. Constant weight training can lead to blisters on your hands and palms due to the bar’s weight. The weight and rubbing of the weight bar on the hand can also lead to calluses.

These blisters and calluses may lead to infection, especially for people with sensitive skin. Even if no infection occurs, your workout time and efficiency can be affected. Wearing weightlifting gloves for bench press can help avoid all these issues.

2.    Help relieve pressure

Gloves not only help protect but also support the hands. They can take on much of the pressure on your hands and help you hold higher weights with more ease than bare hands.

In addition to your hands, the capability of your chest and back to take on weight increases. It is due to the division of pressure and more stability.

3.    Improve grip

The most critical safety measure in the bench press is a good grip on the barbell. A secure grip will help you perform a bench press with greater efficiency, as a research study shows that the thickness of glove improves the grip force and control.

Weightlifting gloves are necessary gym gear for people whose hands get slippery and sweaty during the workout. They ensure a more stable and secure barbell grip for better yield even from the last reps.

4.    Improve lifting power

Typically while lifting a bar, the fingers and palms have to do all the work. Weightlifting gloves help in distributing the weight more efficiently.

This benefit is most prominent when using gloves with straps on the wrists. These gloves help distribute the weight of the bar towards the forearms.

5.    Support the wrists

Along with hands, wrists also have to take on a lot of pressure while lifting weights during the bench press. Excessive pressure and bending of wrists can lead to injuries. Wrist injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome can result from a lack of balance and stability.

You can get weightlifting gloves with extra straps on the wrists to overcome this issue. They will help improve your workouts with added weights and more reps.

6.    Boost your confidence

The look and feel of weightlifting gloves can improve the efficiency of your workout by boosting your confidence. Good quality and impressive gym gear always makes you look more organized and experienced.

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Disadvantages of doing bench press with gloves

Apart from all the valuable benefits, some disadvantages come with weightlifting gloves. Here are the most common drawbacks that you will observe while using gloves for bench press.

1.    False sense of grip

It is a common problem faced by many people while using weightlifting gloves. The user might feel like they are holding on to the weight very tightly, but it might be the opposite.

Although the material of the gloves might make the weight stable in the hands, they also give a false sense of grip. The weight distribution along the arms may contribute to less grip in the hands.

2.    May decrease lifting capacity

Weightlifting gloves are usually very thick to provide as much cushioning as possible for more significant support. This added thickness may add to the bar’s weight and make it feel heavier, harder, and thicker. It can lead to a decrease in lifting capacity compared to the capacity without gloves.

3.    Decrease wrist strength

The fact that weightlifting gloves can take pressure from the bar makes wrists work lesser. Technically the wrists should hold as much weight as your hands. Gloves take on much of the weight, balance it on hands, and do not let the wrists.

4.    Limit the ability to multitask

You might want to drink water or scroll through your phone between sets of workouts. Grabbing the water bottle or reaching for your phone might not be as easy with thick gloves on your hands. These gloves, therefore, limit your ability to multitask during breaks.

5.    Interfere with lifting technique

Weightlifting gloves are often very thick in their texture. With thick gloves, it is tough to hold the weight with efficiency.

They can increase the distance of the bar from the grip of your palms. It can lead to bar slipping and excessive bending or wrists due to more pressure on them while doing bench press with gloves.

Bench press with gloves vs bare hands – A comparison

For someone who likes to feel the metal bar in their hands, a bench press exercise with bare hands is the best option. Many people complain gloves to be a hindrance in their grip of the bar while doing a bench press.

If, however, you tend to get blisters and calluses on your hands or have some injury or bone problems like arthritis, having extra support is advisable. In such cases can be very helpful in preventing any issues that might interfere with your workout.


The use of gloves during bench press provides enhanced grip and additional support and cushioning to your hands. It can, however, decrease the rate of pressure that is applied to your upper body.

Performing bench press with gloves can be very beneficial, but whether you choose to do it with or without gloves depends on your personal preference and whether you are a beginner or an expert.


1.     Are grip gloves useful for bench press?

Grip gloves are suitable for people who struggle with grip during lifting. Grip gloves help maintain a better balance of the bar in your hands.

2.     Do weightlifting gloves support wrists?

The gloves that only cover the hands are not much help. The ones with additional straps on the wrists are very supportive in this regard.

3.     Why do bodybuilders not wear gloves?

Gloves can help relieve and distribute pressure which is not what a bodybuilder wants. They want as much pressure as possible to get added challenge to their workout.

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