Speed Bag, Heavy Bag, Speed Bag Workout and Fifteen Benefits of Speed Bag training

In this article, we will talk about speed bags and how to use them. We will also talk about the factors that make it such a handy workout and training equipment.

What is a speed bag?

A speed bag is a type of punching bag that is very small and has the shape of a teardrop.

They are used for speed training for boxing and fighting. Speed bags are attached to a low ceiling for easy access with the help of a swivel or cord.

What are speed bags composed of?

They are simple bags made of leather and filled with air that makes them very lightweight. Speed bags have leather or synthetic fiber as their outer material.

They contain a wire or cord through which you hang them on the wall in a vertical fashion. This cord is usually very short which is the reason why they rebound with speed for fast pace training.

There is a reinforced board usually made of wood to which the cord is attached. You can find these inside a gym or even install them in your home.

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What is the size of a speed bag?

Speed bags are available in a variety of sizes for different levels of training. They are available in small, medium, and large sizes. The usual size ranges are 4”x7” and 10”x13”.

Larger bags take slower to rebound which makes them easier to use. pros use smaller bags that bounce back with much more speed.

What is the difference between a speed bag and a heavy bag?

Both speed bags and heavy bags are the most common types of punching bags that every boxer uses to train with.

Heavy bags have a large amount of filling with various materials and are much larger. Whereas speed bags are small, light, and have only air as filling.

Heavy bags can help you work with strength, power, and balance and offer more resistance. Whereas speed bags are more about agility, accuracy, and response time and help improve skill instead of power.

How to train with a speed bag?

There are no fixed rules for training with a speed bag. You can follow some basic steps for a better approach.

Adjusting the height of the speed bag

The height of the speed bag is vital and should be at the level of your head. If it is too high or low it will decrease the efficiency of your punching and may strain your shoulders.

How to hit it

Instead of punching with fists, open your hands and keep your feet apart. The most popular technique is to hit the bag in circles instead of straight punches.

Keep your elbows up and parallel to the ground. Use both hands alternatively for more balance. There are two usual striking patterns. You could either do a double punch with both hands or switch hands with every single punch.

Apart from that, you can use any method you like as your skill develops. You can use fists, fingers, knuckles, or even elbows to practice.

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15 Benefits of training with a speed bag

Here are some of the most useful benefits of speed bag training that you will enjoy if you do it with consistency.

1.    Improves boxing technique

As a boxer, it helps you improve your fighting technique with faster punches. The best players throw faster and smaller punches which are proven to have more intensity. The time to plan your moves comes naturally and you can make quick decisions.

2.    Brings rhythm to movements

Initially, you will be throwing random punches just to tackle the speed bag. With practice, you will learn to adjust the rhythm of your movements effortlessly and with more discipline.

3.    Easy to learn

Learning to train with a speed bag is as simple as it gets. It is small and lightweight which makes it easy to use by even children or elderly people. Also, there is no one formula to train with it.

4.    Elevates health of body and mind

Speed bag training is a form of workout that can improve your physical, mental, and cardiovascular health all the same time. It challenges you to keep pushing your limits that can increase your heart rate, blood flow, and motor pattern.

5.    Causes agility in hand movements

As the name suggests it will help increase the speed of your hand movements. It causes hands to moves fast in response to the quick rebound as an automatic reaction.

6.    Improves defense

Speed bag bounces back so quickly you wouldn’t even have time to think about your next punch. With practice, you will learn to make your movements to cope with the speed. This makes you great at defense to anticipate the next move when boxing with an opponent.

7.    Strengthens muscles

Speed bag training helps make the muscles of your back, arms, and shoulders much stronger. It forces you to keep your arms and shoulders steady for keeping up with the game.

8.    Burns calories

Speed bag training can cause you to sweat a lot and burn a considerable amount of calories. It is an intense workout that can help tone your body and help improve your upper body structure.

9.    Increases endurance and stamina

Getting lazy is not an option in boxing and the opponent can catch you off guard. It challenges you to keep punching for longer and in turn, increases the endurance of your body.

10. Improves brain function

With speed bag training your motor patterns will automatically become very swift causing accuracy and shorter response time. It is like martial arts where they train you to do things like catching a fly to respond super-fast to the stimuli.

11. Helps improve focus

The super-quick bouncing back of the speed bag causes you to be very alert. It improves your focus and helps you act with precision. This can help you act quickly in all sorts of sports other than boxing.

12. A great tool for relieving stress

A speed bag can let you divert your focus from negative thoughts by increasing the release of dopamine. The automatic fast reaction to the rebound will not let you think about anything else. Even the drum-like sound will help calm your nerves.

13. Easy to set up

There is only just a small amount of equipment required to set it up at your home. All you need is a speed bag and some gloves and you are ready to go.

14. Inexpensive and easily accessible

The speed bag is a small, simple, and inexpensive tool that anyone can easily afford. No need to speed lots of money on work out at home when you can use something as simple as a speed bag.

15. Safe to use

Speed bag training is a very safe exercise because speed bags are very lightweight and small. They are attached to the ceiling with a very short swivel that makes it rebound and there is no risk of it hurting you.

What other equipment do you need with a speed bag?

You do not need much to go with the speed bag and can do it without any hand gear. To prevent any damage to your knuckles and hands, however, you can use any gloves or hand wraps.

In addition, you can use comfortable and supportive shoes to help retain better balance. This is also not necessary but it does make the experience better.

Music can help motivate you to perform with more rhythm and energy. Grooving to the sound of your favorite song while working out makes it much more fun.

Tips to become a pro at speed bag training

Here are some of the tips that you can use to become a pro at speed bag training.

  • Try different speeds for hitting the bag. Start with slow punching and slowly progress to faster speeds.
  • Consistency is the key to become an expert at the training. Do it every day and increase training time gradually to improve stamina.
  • Try to push your limits and spend more time training. Spending at least ten minutes every day is ideal however you can increase it with time.
  • Practice your skill by punching with different techniques from every direction of the speed bag.

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