What are Ankle Supports ? How are they helpful and what gains can be achieved with their proper use (Ten Benefits)

  • As you know, heavy workouts or training require body strength, similarly, it can cause different harmful effects on your body. 
  • Besides the other side effects of high-intensity workouts, ankle injuries are becoming common nowadays mostly due to muscular activities.
  • However, to prevent such injuries, different people prefer using ankle supports.
  • Ankle supports include different products that can be utilized to provide you protection while doing any activity.
  • Among the other products, ankle braces are known as the best, and extensively usable product that protects you from any harmful effects during heavy workouts or training.
  • If you use ankle support before accomplishing any task, it can maintain your body’s stability by providing you with a comfortable and stable movement.

Though, ankle supports can be seen in action a lot nowadays, still many people including young athletes raise a question about their worth.

Ankle supports can protect you from injuries but you may not know about the different types and benefits of ankle supports.

A quick outline of types of Ankle supports is as below:

●               Clasps Braces

●               Rigid Ankle Braces

●               Sleeve Braces

●               Aircast Ankle Braces

●               Stirrup Style Braces

●               Mixed Style Braces

●               Lace-Up Ankle Braces

●               Hook And Loop Strap Braces

However, in this article, we will discuss the functions, types, and benefits of ankle supports. After reading the article carefully, you would be able to select the best ankle support for protection. Key benefits of Ankle supports are as below:

  • Eliminates The Pressure On Your Foot
  • Reduce The Swelling
  • Maintains Heath
  • Protects You From Getting Injured Again
  • Provides Stability
  • Helps In The Recovery Process
  • Can Help To Stimulate Your Confidence
  • Encourage You To Maintain The Activity
  • Provides You Relief From The Pain
  • Helpful For Runners
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Purpose Of The Ankle Supports

Using ankle braces is the best way to prevent injuries. However, according to the studies, the main function of the ankle brace is to regulate body motion by influencing the joint position.

Another study verifies that ankle braces help to strengthen muscular activities as they protect your ankle while doing high-intensity workouts.

Besides, the basic function of the ankle supports help to understand the anatomy of the ankle. It gives a certain position to the ankle and helps you by providing optimistic effects on the body.

Types Of The Ankle Supports

Ankle braces are the most popular and well-known product that is being used to provide exact support to the ankle.

But to make it easy for you here is the list of the best types of ankle braces.  Let’s have a look at them.

  • Clasps Braces

Clasps or straps style ankle braces are available in the form of the fabric brace. Such kinds of ankle braces support the ankle by providing comfort.

Such kinds of braces are popular for their flexibility and consistency. Besides, it can be used handily by bandaging it around the ankle.

If we talk about the material of strap braces, the high-quality material enhances the performance by providing comfort and stability. Additionally, the best aspect of the straps style braces is their flexibility.

The strap braces are being the priority of all experienced and professional athletes. One of the reasons why people chose clasps braces is that they are affordable plus they provide the same results as the other expensive ankle braces.

  • Rigid Ankle Braces

These are among the best ankle braces that provide strong support to your ankle. Besides that, it works to maintain stability.

The other advantage of utilizing rigid ankle braces is that it even helps in rehabilitation. Not just does it prevent injuries but also helps in healing injuries. 

  • Sleeve Braces

Sleeved braces can be utilized with army boots to obtain their advantages effectively. Sleeves are available in the form of products.

Thus, they are among the most effective and usable products that can be utilized to deal with ankle injuries.  

  • Aircast Ankle Braces

Aircast ankle braces not only help in preventing the ankle from getting harmed while accomplishing heavy tasks but they also help to deal with the recovery process only if you, unfortunately, face the injury.

Most people prefer using such ankle braces to avoid the injury from getting hard or painful.

  • Stirrup Style Braces

These braces are known as formal and traditional style ankle braces. People are using such ankle braces from ancient times.

However, the best advantage of using such braces is that they can be customized. Additionally, people can add metal strips to the stirrup braces.

Besides, if you add any metal or plastic smear into the brace, it would enhance the rigidity. 

  • Mixed Style Braces

The most effective and beneficial ankle braces that provide you with multi-features are known as hybrid-style ankle braces.  In this category, you will get the benefits of all ankle braces.

If you are looking for an ankle brace that can possess the qualities of lace-ups, sleeves, straps, and stirrups braces, then buying hybrid-style braces would be an amazing option for you.

  • Lace-Up Ankle Braces

The actual ankle braces that are helpful for people who prefer to retain stability while doing high-intensity workouts are known as lace-up ankle braces.

The high-quality material that is manipulated to generate these braces furnishes elevated functional ability.

  • Hook And Loop Strap Braces

Hook and loop strap ankle braces provide effective support to the body. It prevents injuries by proving comfort and stability.

These kinds of straps braces can be used by easily wrapping them around the ankle. This method of utilizing this product makes it different from other ankle supports.

But the thing that you should keep in mind before using the product is that it works perfectly when you wrap it more flexibly. Thus, avoid wrapping it tightly.

Man in athletic sneakers checking his ankle brace on the street

Things To Know Before Choosing An Ankle Support

Some important things to keep in mind are below before buying the best suited ankles braces:


The size of the ankle brace is important to provide you the comfort and stability while exercising. Thus, always go after the size that is comfortable for you.

Whether you want short and formal braces or flexible ones, you can get all types of ankle braces.  


The material of the braces matters as the good quality of the ankle braces provides long-lasting effects on your body. Low-quality products may not be effective.


Keep in mind the frequency before choosing the product. Decide how many times do you want to wear the ankle braces or what workout are you going to perform.

Different tasks including high-intensity workouts require energy in an extensive quantity.  Thus, always look for long-lasting products.

Benefits Of Ankle Supports

Ankle braces are the best option to treat the ankle injuries plus it prevents you from getting harmed during the heavy workouts.

Besides, in this article, you will discover some of the major benefits of ankle supports. Plus, you will learn how ankle braces help in avoiding ankle injuries plus how they help in the recovering program.

1. Eliminates The Pressure On Your Foot

The thickness and flexibility of the material used to make the ankle braces prevent pressure on your foot.

People especially those who deal with heavy and high-intensity training can get injured during the workout. Besides, they feel heavy pressure on their foot.

However, use the ankle supports to prevent such issues.

2. Reduce The Swelling

Ankle braces eliminate the scar tissues plus it avoids them from rebuilding. Besides that, it helps in reducing the swelling.

Just reducing the swelling, can minimize the pressure on the ankles.

Man in athletic sneakers sitting on the street and checking his ankle brace

3. Maintains Heath

Ankle braces provide the right support for you to feel more confident and be more ambitious with your workout goals and PRs. In this way, Ankle supports contribute directly towards your increased health.

4. Protects You From Getting Injured Again

Ankle braces prevent you from getting injured in some of the trickiest workouts.

5. Provides Stability

Ankle braces provide stability and comfort to your body.

6. Helps In The Recovery Process

People who accidentally had injuries can use ankle braces to get relief from the pain in an effective way.

7. Can Help To Stimulate Your Confidence

Using ankle braces would not just prevent body injuries but also help in boosting your confidence.

Working out without having to worry about any kind of harm can build a high level of confidence in you.

8. Encourage You To Maintain The Activity

Once you obtain a comfortable and stable climate to work out, you would prefer doing it again without having to think twice.

Thus, ankle braces made it easy for you to do the activities regularly.

9. Provides You Relief From The Pain

If you ever get injuries during the workouts, using ankle braces can lessen the pain and provides you relief from the painful effects.

10. Helpful For Runners

Running is an incredible yet risky exercise. It expects high-intensity power. Plus, the risks of getting injured get increased.

According to a study, ankle braces help runners and adults to stave off injuries as they provide a stable way to run comfortably.


  1. Q: What Is The Best Support For The Weak Ankles?

Different kinds and styles of ankle supports can be obtainable but the best support you can get among them is the use of ankle braces.

Ankle braces provide you with high stability to maintain balance while accomplishing any task.

  • Q: What Injuries Do Ankle Braces Prevent?

Ankle braces may not prevent all kinds of injuries yet they works perfectly for ankle sprain injuries.

Different people including the strong and martial people prefer using ankle braces to avoid strain injuries. 

  • Q: How Long Should You Wear An Ankle Support?

As ankle braces help in reducing the risk of getting harmed, they protect the body from injuries.

Besides, doctors recommend ankle supports to people who, unfortunately, had injuries. Ankle supports can heal the wound by providing you the protection and stability. You can wear them temporarily or permanently during your workouts to realize full benefits they provide.

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