[10/Ten] Benefits of wrist wraps

  • Having proper gym gear doesn’t mean the machines and equipment. It means adequate gym wear and accessories.
  • Having proper gym gear like leggings, water bottles, shoes, and wrist wraps allows you to perform workouts properly, comfortably and prevents the risk of injuries.
  • Wrist wraps have several benefits that may look minor but have a significant impact.
  • Wear wrist wraps, especially if you are a weightlifter or into CrossFit or HIIT routines.
  • A wrist wrap protects your hand, provides a firm grip, prevents pain or sprain in the hand.

If you’ve ever been to a gym with serious weightlifters before, you will notice that they use wrist wraps.

Many bodybuilders and powerlifters will tell you that wrist wraps are an essential part of their gear.

You may even see that working on the boding bag or simply doing light exercises may also use wrist wraps.

So what are wrist wraps, and how effective are they?

The ten benefits of wrist wraps are :

1.         They help prevent injury while lifting

2.         Wrist wraps can give you a better grip.

3.         Wrist wraps reduce the pain in your wrist.

4.         Wrists help you maintain proper form.

5.         Wrist wraps can help you increase the number of workouts.

6.         Wrist wraps help you do more advanced workouts.

7.         Improves the ease of lifting

8.         It helps your wrists heal faster.

9.         Wrist wraps can help prevent hand injury when on the punching bag.

10.       Wrist wraps may help increase your confidence.

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Before getting serious with any gym routine, it is essential to understand the different exercises you will be doing.

You should also be aware of the correct form and technique before doing these exercises.

Most people do a little research on which exercises are best to achieve their particular fitness goals.

The same goes for a gym kit.

You should know when to use different items to assist with your workouts.

These include clothing, shoes, and even wrist wraps.

While there are skeptics, most gyms trainers will tell you that having the right gear will increase the efficiency of your workouts.

What are wrist wraps?

Wrist wraps are a set of bandages or wraps tied around the wrist before doing exercises that strain it.

Some wrist wraps are made from a particular type of cloth, while others may be in the form of a glove.

The glove version is also called a wrist strap and is used for similar purposes.

There may be differences between the wrist wrap used for powerlifting and those used for boxing.

However, some trainers believe that you can use the same wrist wraps for different purposes.

If you have a boxing-style wrist wrap, you should first learn how to wrap your hands correctly.

 Wrapping them in the wrong way may result in injury to the hand or wrist.

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Here are benefits of wrist wraps explained:


1.   It helps prevent injury while lifting

If you’ve ever lifted heavyweights, you may be aware of the strain that it puts on your wrists.

Many people may be ambitious in the gym and may lift weights that are too heavy.

It increases the risk of injury to the wrist.

Many trainers would recommend that you use wrist wraps for heavy weightlifting.

If you are learning powerlifting, then it is even more critical because they help support the wrists.

However, bodybuilders may also use wrist wraps to prevent injuries to the wrist and hand.

While having the correct form will often ensure that you don’t injure your hands, there is always the chance of something going wrong.

It’s better to be prepared for such risks and use wrist wraps to reduce the risk of injury.

2.   Wrist wraps can give you a better grip.

When lifting weights in the gym, most people have the fear that their hands might slip.

It is entirely rational, and it has happened many times.

Hand slips are one of the most common causes of injuries while lifting weights.

Wrist wraps can help improve your grip and ensure that your hand does not slip while lifting.

It also prevents sweat from causing wet and slippery hands, which is essential for avoiding injury.

3.   Wrist wraps reduce the pain in your wrist.

When you are lifting heavy weights repeatedly, you may not notice that it significantly impacts your joints.

The wrist bones consist of 8 small bones which are prone to injury.

Often, repeated lifting of weights may not cause substantial injury.

However, it can cause pain in the wrist, which will affect your workouts.

Using a wrist wrap is an effective way of reducing wrist pain caused by repeated weightlifting.

It will help you remain consistent as well.

4.   Wrists help you maintain proper form.

Weightlifting is all about targeting the correct muscle groups and maintaining proper form.

Any good fitness trainer will tell you that it is vital to strengthen the supporting muscles.

These include the wrists and ankles, which are essential for supporting the weight.

Wrist wraps can help increase the support in the wrists, which will help you maintain proper form.

You will also be able to target your desired muscle groups this way.

5.   Wrist wraps can help you increase the number of workouts.

Doing weightlifting is complex and may cause a strain on specific muscle groups.

Once you do a few workouts, you may have to rest because these muscles may be sore or tired.

It may also be that your support muscles are sore.

Wrist wraps may help you improve your workout quantity by providing extra support.

In this way, you will be able to do workouts when you would typically be too tired.

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6.   Wrist wraps help you do more advanced workouts.

Having weak wrists is one of the main reasons why many people fail in specific workouts.

However, when using wrist wraps, you will be able to try out new exercises.

This will help improve your overall strength and fitness, but it also helps you target other muscle groups.

7.   Improves the ease of lifting

When it comes to lifting heavy weights, many people may shy away from trying heavier weights.

Having wrist wraps will help reduce the difficulty of using these weights.

The extra support will allow for smoother lifting, which will help you progress in the gym.

8.   It helps your wrists heal faster.

When you are weightlifting, there is always the possibility of getting injured.

While this is unavoidable in many cases, you can still improve the recovery time.

Wrist wraps can help you recover faster and deal with injury more effectively.

However, always consult your doctor on how to use them to prevent long-term wrist damage properly.

9.   Wrist wraps can help prevent hand injury when on the punching bag.

Most gyms nowadays have a punching bag where you can practice your boxing.

Even if you are not a boxer, the punching bag is a great way to burn calories in the gym.

Wrist wraps can help prevent injury to the hands during this workout.

However, if you are going to work on the punching bag, you may want to consider using full hand wraps.

10.                 Wrist wraps may help increase your confidence.

Motivation and confidence are two major factors that affect the quality of your workouts.

Some trainers believe that using wrist wraps can increase confidence, which can improve workout quality.

It is similar to the way a child’s confidence grows when they put on a superhero costume.

Having the right gear will give you a psychological edge during your gym workouts.

Final Verdict!

If you wonder whether you should get wrist wraps for gym workouts, then the answer is yes.

The benefits of wrist wrap when weightlifting are clear, and they may come in handy for other exercises as well.

While it may not prevent injuries, it will undoubtedly reduce the risk of gym injuries.

Even if you are not planning on lifting heavy weights anytime soon, you will still benefit from the confidence boost it gives you.

Besides, it’s always best to be prepared for anything by having the complete gear.

Who knows? On most days, the wrist wraps might motivate you to lift more!

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