[Ten] Effective Ways To Keep Your Garage Gym Cool

The garage is the most common space to create a home gym.

It has enough space to stack in your favorite gym equipment.

But the summers are too hot, making it difficult to work out in a garage gym.

Well, if the summer heat is keeping you from working out in your garage gym, then worry no more.

There are many effective ways to keep your garage gym cool.

If you consider creating a home gym in your garage, check out our previous post on best home gym organization and maintenance practices.

This article explains some of the proven strategies to keep your garage gym at a comfortable temperature.

What Should be the temperature of your garage gym?

According to the experts, the temperature of a garage gym should be above the dew point.

It is a temperature point where air humidity is 100%.

The dew point varies according to your region as well as area.

Generally, a dew point of 40F degrees for inland areas and 65F degrees for humid coastal areas is considered normal.

So depending upon your region and area, the temperature of your garage should be between 40F degrees to 50F degrees.

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10 Ways To Improve Your Garage Gym Temperature

1.   Install a Dehumidifier

Installing a dehumidifier is one of the effective ways to keep your garage gym cool.

The dehumidifier is the opposite of a humidifier.

It takes out all the moisture from the air.

As a result, the humidity decreases, and your garage gym feels less swampy.

If you already have an air conditioner in your garage with a proper ventilation system, the dehumidifier will be a cherry on top then.

Usually, a dehumidifier works best for high humidity areas.

If you install a dehumidifier in your garage, don’t forget to set up a drain for accumulated water in its bucket.

2.   Install Powerful Cooling Fans

No, we are not talking about the ceiling fan.

Unfortunately, even the ceiling fans fail to keep the garage gym cool during the hot summers.

Therefore, you may think about a portable, powerful fan(s).

These fans will take out the hot air (from inside) and pulls in the cooler air from outside.

The addition of these fans to your cooling arsenal will provide better ventilation, allowing you to breathe easily and comfortably during workouts.

For best results, place the powerful fans near the garage door and keep it open.

Also, depending upon your garage size, choose the appropriate number of fans.

3.   Improve Garage’s Ventilation

One of the basic yet effective ways to keep your garage gym cool is to ensure air circulation.

When the air is circulating, the heat doesn’t trap inside the garage.

Hence it stays cooler.

The way to ensure this is to have your garage ventilated.

It means you will need ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and attic vents.

The ceiling fans spread the air around the garage, while the vents and exhausts will take out the warmer air.

4.   Invest in Garage’s Air Conditioning

To control the temperature of your garage and make it comfortable 24/7, install air conditioning units.

Depending upon your garage’s size and design, you can choose between a portable, window, or ductless AC unit.

Also, if your garage is connected to your home via the door, you can tap into your home’s HAVC system.

However, that won’t do much.

Window ACs also fail to cool the garage during harsh summer days.

While portable ACs significantly lowers down the temperature, they are useless for a window-less garage.

The best solution is to buy and install an excellent ductless AC unit.

It’s an investment in your garage, as you can use it to warm your garage during winters.

5.   Add Insulation

Air conditioning without insulation is a waste of money!

For an AC to properly cool your garage gym, insulate the walls and the garage door & windows.

The insulation keeps the cool air inside while keeping the warmer air outside.

For wall insulation, use fiberglass batt and drywall finishing.

Install reflective radiant barriers on the door panels and reflective films on the windows.

Also, check whether your attic is insulated properly or not.

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6.   Let Car Cool Outside

If you use your garage as a gym, it’s better not to park your car inside directly.

The car radiates the accumulated engine heat for at least an hour even when the engine has stopped.

This dissipating heat makes your garage warmer.

So, it’s better to let the car cool off outside the garage and then park it in.

7.   Open The Garage Door

Do you always keep your garage door closed?

If your answer is yes, then it calls for trouble.

As mentioned above, ventilation is essential.

Keeping the garage door shut 24/7 traps the heat and moisture, resulting in high temperatures.

It’s better to swing your garage door open for an hour or a half.

It will allow air circulation and make the garage’s temperature comfortable.

8.   Use Lighter Color to Paint Garage Outside

You must have seen people donning lighter colors in summers.

It is because light colors absorb less heat.

The same is the case with a garage door, wall, and roof paint.

No matter how much you love dark colors, tone it down in the summers.

Go for lighter colors for your garage’s exterior.

You will notice a difference in the inside temperature.

9.   Install LED Lights

A potential cause of high-temperature garages in summers is incandescent bulbs.

Yet, it is often overlooked by many garage gym owners.

Not only does the incandescent bulbs increases the temperature, but they also cost high utility bills.

Among the many effective ways to keep your garage gym cool is using LED lights.

The color temperature, along with the construction of LED lights, doesn’t elevate temperature.

And the good news is you can save significantly on your electricity bills. 

10.                 Plant Trees or Install Shade Roof

Most garages have trees or shading roofs to shade the structure.

However, if you don’t have a tall enough tree or no tree at all, think of planting one.

Also, if it’s not possible to plant a tree, use shading to protect the garage from direct sunlight.

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Best Time To Use Garage Gym Without Heating it Up

Have you ever think of switching your workout time in the summer?

It’s your personal preference to train whenever you want.

But it’s better to train in a garage gym in the morning or evening.

You can work out between 4 am to noon.

Also, in the evening, the best slot is between 6 pm to 8 pm.

The temperatures during these hours are comparatively lower than in the afternoon.

This way you don’t have to turn on the AC high or use lots of air conditioning.

As a result, you can peacefully and comfortably work out without overheating your garage or the environment.

Bottom Line!

These are some of the effective ways to keep your garage gym cool.

You can use any one or multiple solutions to lower the temperature of your garage.

When deciding which solution would be the best for you, consider your garage size, design, preference, and needs.

However, the crucial factor is your budget and cost for implementing each solution.

An instant solution to keep the garage gym cool during scorching summers is air conditioner units.

But if you want a long-term solution with optimum results, combine air conditioning with ventilation, insulation, and dehumidifier (if you live in a high-humid area).

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