What are hand strengtheners ? When and how they are used ? Some cool (Thirteen) Benefits of hand strengtheners

Almost all your physical life activities and their efficiency depend on your hands.

It is therefore vital to have much strength and coordination in your hands to coordinate those activities.

Hand strengtheners are tools that help you attain the strength in your hands that you seek to acquire.

This article will talk about the detail of hand strengtheners, their benefits, and significant types for a better understanding of their role in improving the abilities of your hands.

Quick outline of Hand strengtheners benefits is as below:

  • Increase in hand strength
  • Increase in hand endurance
  • Balance and grip for weightlifting
  • Better performance in sports
  • Increase in dexterity
  • Better core workouts
  • More resistance to health problems
  • Developing muscular forearms
  • Improved ability to perform in daily life
  • Stress relief
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Improve energy levels
  • Recovery from injury

What are hand strengtheners?

Hand strengtheners or hand grippers are devices used to increase and test grip strength and endurance of the hands.

They have various types, but the most popular type consists of a lever-type device with two handles.

What is grip strength?

Grip strength is the measure of strength in your forearm, fingers, wrist, and thumb to grip and hold an object.

It is a direct measure of your overall muscle strength, endurance and an indicator of the condition of your muscles and bones.

There are three significant types of grip strength.

  • Crush grip is a measure of the strength of your fingers and palm when you hold an object. It is a measure of how much pressure you can apply while holding an object in your hand.
  • Support grip shows how long you can carry or hold on to something with your hand. It can also be called carrying grip and is a measure of the endurance of your hands to carry objects for a long time.
  • Pinch grip is the ability to hold something between your thumb and fingers. It is a weaker grip because the palm is not involved. It shows the ability to lift something with the help of just the fingers.

Why is it essential to build grip strength?

Improving the grip and strength of hands and forearm are perhaps the most overlooked parts of the exercise.

You need enough power in your hand not just for performing all sorts of exercise but also for many other important reasons.

Hand strength is something that plays a crucial role in our day-to-day life.

From holding a pen to carrying a heavy item, all our daily activities require hands’ strength and firm grip.

Besides, athletes and people who engage in regular exercise or sports activities require a firm hand.

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How to use hand strengtheners?

You can achieve a firm grip and strength in your hands and forearms by applying pressure against the hand grippers.

Although many hand grippers are available, their main working principle is using force against a resisting hand tool that is easy to hold in hand.

Hand grippers target flexor muscles in the hands that help open close the fist and extensor muscles in the forearm that function to open the hand.

Working on hand strengtheners helps build power and strength in muscles of hands and forearms.

Benefits of hand strengtheners

Here are the thirteen most valuable benefits of using a hand strengthener and making a routine out of the hand strengthening exercise in your daily life.

1.    Increase in hand strength

The most valuable benefit of using hand strengthening equipment is the increase in hand strength. Not just that, the individual strength of your fingers, wrists, and lower arm may also increase by performing the right type and levels of exercise. You can achieve your everyday activities like opening a jar with more efficiency.

2.    Increase in hand endurance

With grip strengthening exercise, you can increase the strength of your hands and arms and make it last for more extended periods. The ability of your arm to hold heavy objects for a long time increases endurance.

This ability is helpful during your workouts while holding weights and helps you carry heavy objects like bags and other stuff in your daily routine.

3.    Balance and grip for weightlifting

Hand strength and endurance are instrumental in performing exercises in the gym where you have to lift heavy weights and even lift the weight of your body on your hands. In weightlifting, the lifters need to balance the weight correctly on their hands to perform in the best possible way.

4.    Better performance in sports

Many sports like tennis and basketball require you to have a firm grip and strength in your hands to give your best performance. Many other activities like rock-climbing also rely entirely on the grip and strength of your hands.

To excel in a sport, you must first work on the strength of your hand and do exercises to improve it. By training your hands to have a firm grip, you can have more fun performing your favorite sports.

5.    Increase in dexterity

Hand strengtheners can help improve motor coordination in the movement of fingers. You can attain dexterity by helping improve the strength and resistance of individual fingers.

These aspects are beneficial in activities that require the individual use of fingers with equal strength. It is helpful for people who need better finger coordination, like typists, pianists, musicians, and hairdressers.

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6.    Better core workouts

Workouts that require handgrip strength while engaging the core, like holding onto a bar while hanging and dip workouts, can be improved.

For example, you can hold your weight for a long time while doing leg raises while hanging from a bar.

7.    More resistance to health problems

Health problems like arthritis are linked directly to a decline in grip strength of the hands. Grip strength is also related to cognitive abilities; that is why many patients with mental disorders like schizophrenia show a decrease in grip strength.

A decrease in coordination and handgrip is related to age-related problems and might even be related to a greater mortality rate.

8.    Developing muscular forearms

Working out with hand strengtheners is the best idea if you want your forearms to increase girth and look more impressive. Muscles in the forearm control the movement of your fingers and palms. That is why hand strengthening exercise will have a direct impact on the forearms.

Apart from that, attaining muscular hands and arms can help boost your confidence and help you get a firm grip while shaking your hand.

9.    Improved ability to perform in daily life

With strong hands and arms, you are better able to perform daily chores. Whether you need to move furniture in your house, carry groceries up the stairs, or hold your kids safely, hand and arm strength come in handy.

10. Stress relief

Squeezing your hands on a hand strengthening tool can help relieve stress. It will allow you to distract yourself from the source of your stress by focusing your attention on the exercise.

It, in turn, helps relax your body and divert your mind from stressful thoughts. Studies have shown the relation of grip strength with mental disorders and depression.

11. Prevention of injuries

Hand strengtheners can improve coordination and hand balance to avoid accidental twists and strain due to pressure on the hands and arms. Hand balance and strength improve the musculature of arms and even the chest to improve balance to prevent injuries.

12. Improve energy levels

Remaining stationary and not being able to work out much can leave you drained and lethargic. Hand strengtheners are handy in letting you perform the exercise conveniently anywhere you want. Instead of sitting idle, you can keep working your muscles by using this tool.

13. Recovery from injury

For patients recovering from injuries, hand strengtheners can act as valuable tools to improve coordination and reflexes. Research has shown that in patients recovering from a stroke, handgrip strength is highly beneficial.

What to look for while getting a hand strengthener?

The efficiency of hand strengtheners depends on various factors depending on your workouts, level of strength, and intensity.

Here are a few factors to consider while getting yourself a hand strengthening tool.

1.     Material

Hand grippers are available in a variety of materials. It is preferable to get a hand strengthener that does not break easily so you can use your hands more efficiently. Steel and other strong metal grippers are the best options.

2.     Grip

The grip of the hand strengthener is essential to consider. Something with textured material is easier to hold.

3.     Resistance

Resistance is a factor that is very important to consider while getting a hand gripper. A gripper with low resistance may fail to help build your muscle strength.

Too high resistance, on the other hand, may put extra pressure on your hand and might result in damage. It is best to get a hand gripper with adjustable strength to suit your level of exercise.

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Top 5 models of hand strengtheners

As crucial as hand strengtheners are for improving hand and arm strength, it always comes down to selecting the best product. For your assistance, here are some of the most popular hand strengthening models to choose from.

1.    Ironmind Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

It is one of the most popular hand strengthening tools available. It consists of a simple design with three resistance coils joined with two metallic handles. The manufacturing material is a mixture of aluminium and steel.

This hand strengthener is easy to hold and has a straightforward working principle. It is easy to fit in hands and consists of durable material. It also comes with a variety of ranges of resistance.

2.    Gripmaster Pro Hand Exerciser

This tool is perfect for exercises of fingers and contains resistance tabs for each finger separately. The tabs are padded for ease of use, and the resistance of this device is fixed.

It is a perfect choice for people who want to create strength and balance in their fingers to type or play musical instruments.

3.    Luxon Handgrip Strengthener

The design of this device is somewhat similar to the Ironmind Gripper, having two handles for grip. However, instead of being connected by coils, they have a hinge that attaches to them. The hinge helps in the pressing movement of the device.

There is a spring on top of the handles, and the length of this spring is adjustable. By lengthening the spring, you can increase the tension in the handles and vice versa.

4.    Squegg Smart Handgrip Trainer

It is a simple squeezable ball with the unique ability to be used as a smart device. It is chargeable and can measure the grip strength of your hand and even save your progress.

It also works as a stress therapy tool to relax hands and contains an app to connect to mark your progress. It is easy to use and helps increase the grip strength of your hands smartly.

5.    Kootek Handgrip Strengthener

It is a device that contains aluminum alloy moveable handles attached to resistance coils at the top. The uniqueness of this device is that it is much smaller in size and easy to use for people with smaller hands. The resistance of the device is adjustable for varying levels of hand exercise.


Grip strength exercises should be a part of your daily workout routine due to their excellent health benefits. You can see a notable difference in your grip and hand strength after using these practical tools. These tools could be a great way to increase your overall efficiency in your everyday life.


1.     What muscles can hand strengtheners build?

In addition to building strength in your hand and forearm, it can also help develop your hand muscles if used with consistency.

2.     How much should you use a hand strengthener?

The use of a hand gripper depends on its resistance. Low resistance hand strengthener is safe to use daily, whereas it is safe to use high resistance strengthener two to three times a week.

3.     Are there any disadvantages of using a hand strengthener?

If used correctly, hand strengtheners usually do not have any disadvantages. If you, however, use a hand strengthener with high strength more than a safe limit, it can injure your hand.

4.     What type of hand strengtheners is the best?

The best hand strengtheners are made with high quality and durable material that does not break easily. A metallic hand gripper will be better and more durable than that with plastic or rubber handles.

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