You always need your body to keep in perfect shape and balance and suspension training is a great way to achieve this.

The suspension training helps you to improve your balance, body flexibility, stability, and fitness.

What is Suspension Training?

“The term Suspension Training refers to an approach to strength training, that uses a system of ropes and webbing called a “suspension trainer” to allow users to work against your own body weight.”

Suspension training is a form of hard training, performed using body structure and its weight.

For example, gymnastics defines the true spirit of suspension training.

Where a gymnast swings by the rings that show an expert level of suspension training.

It involves bodyweight exercise performance that uses cords, straps, ropes, rings, and chains suspending from a single or various vertical anchoring points.

Things to Know Before Suspension Training

Core stability and control to exercise safely and successfully is a necessary pre-requisite to Suspension training.

Because suspension exercises are not supported, they can be complex and are not always the first choice for beginners.

Regardless of your level, there are three things to consider when preparing for any exercise.

  • First, you need to emphasize your inhaling. Keep breathing in through your nose during the easing phase of the exercise. And exhale through the mouth during the exertion phase.
  • Second, make sure you always manage tension.
  • And third, avoid bending your back or hunching your shoulders during the exercises.

Suspension training is suitable for all levels of fitness and commitment.

Exercises can be simplified for beginners and enhanced for experienced athletes.

It provides an appropriate stress level ideal for any fitness goal.

It can be easily achieved by changing the body’s position and altering the angle of the body.

These variables control how much stress is put on your body as you exercise to have a high degree of control.

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Does Total Body Resistance (TRX) Uses Suspension Training?

Yes! Total Body Resistance (TRX) uses suspension training with heavy straps, handles, foot cradles, and padding to increase stress levels and make your workout more effective.

TRX has gained popularity among athletes. It has provided practical exercises to fitness enthusiasts.

“The TRX system, also known as Total Resistance Exercise, refers to a specialized form of suspension training that utilizes equipment developed by former U.S. Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick.”

It helps with suspension training to challenge your body when out of shape and not balanced, such as unstable body structure. During training, you work out your body integrating strength, mobility, and balance to better respond to the muscles and joints.


There has been lots of benefits that suspension training provides to your body for health and fitness, as outlined below. You significantly improve your fitness, body balance, core strengthening, body strengthening and overall health.

  1. Strengthening Major Core Muscles
  2. Exercise for All Muscles
  3. Metabolic Changes
  4. Body Balance, Combined Efforts
  5. Control Over Body
  6. Strengthening Cardiovascular System
  7. Improve Functional Abilities
  8. All People, All Ages
  9. Low Impact
  10. Efficient and Effective
  11. You Can Do It Anywhere
  12. Easy to Set Up at Home
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1- Strengthening Major Core Muscles

The primary emphasis and influence that suspension training creates targets the major areas like the backbone, chest, and abdominal regions.

As per a research study, these are also referred to be the Core Muscle Activity to get strengthened.

When these areas are made more vital, the whole body works in a singular motion, creating a workout influence over all the body’s major muscle groups.

These significant areas cannot be neglected because the nourishment and influence bring overall fitness to the body.

Furthermore, such workouts create flexibility, flex-response and are more stable. And due to getting into better shape, you enhance your balance of the body. Resultantly, this workout becomes the foundation of your strength and allows you to do suspension training regularly.

2- Exercise for All Muscles

The suspension training provides exercise for all muscles of the body simultaneously.

When using conventional methods to train your body or build muscles, you use gym and weights.

You use weights to build up a specific muscle group at a time.

The suspension training helps you to give a workout to your whole-body muscle groups at the same time.

When using rope or strap, you are targeting all muscle groups like arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, and legs to work out together and with combined effort.

3- Metabolic Changes

Such training helps to improve the metabolic system of the human body.

It focuses on the workout that increases hunger and metabolic health.

With suspension work out on the high pitch and straining levels, it triggers your metabolic structure by activating the chemical reactions to your body cells.

It helps to change food into an energy source efficiently.

4- Body Balance, Combined Efforts

The suspension training creates the best body balance and muscles coordination.

When you are bulky and overweight, the fat and enhanced muscles are entirely making your body week, disoriented balance, and no combined efforts.

On the contrary, suspension training, which lowers your fat and keeps your muscle groups intact, generates body balance.

But it also puts your body on workout to bring out the best-combined efforts to enhance body fitness and health.

Although most workouts are very effective at building muscle, they give little help to balance and coordination levels.

Suspension training simultaneously targets the whole body and muscle groups and produces symmetry in the body shape. As a result, with combined efforts, better body balance is achieved.

5- Control Over Body

Suspension training brings the highest level of control.

You can efficiently work your entire body through suspension training.

There are great exercises you can do with a suspension trainer.

It combines resistance and gravity to target specific muscle groups and disciplines the whole body in a particular way to perform a better exercise.

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6- Strengthening Cardiovascular System

Naturally, the heart pumps and circulates blood flow to the entire body on a routine.

The suspension training pumps your heart muscles and increases your heart rate.

It gives you an excellent cardio workout because you can switch between exercises quickly and keep your heart rate high while exercising.

This effort decreases fat in your blood to keep blockage far away, keep your arteries healthy, and ensure cardiovascular benefits.

7- Improve Functional Abilities

The suspension training improves the Functional Abilities of the muscles, one study showed.

The body muscles are integrated all together to perform actions.

For example, if we want to catch a ball, our body has to be aligned with the shoulders, arms and makes our hands catch the ball.

Such training improves our core functionalities of the body and ensures the strengthening of all muscle groups.

8- All People, All Ages

It is suitable for all people, all ages and gender.

Only a doctor’s recommendation is needed for older people, keeping in view their health positioning.

Otherwise, there is no restriction to perform suspension training.

Beginners can start with an initial and light resistance level of workouts and gradually increase it.

People who have achieved more experience can put the body under more stress ensuring the training getting more challenging.

People who are sufficiently trained or advanced can make the workout more challenging by targeting specific goals.

Advanced trainers have already achieved core strength but are ready to gain more muscle and mental power to keep them more fit and strong.

9- Low Impact

Suspension training gives low impact and is gentle on the joints.

Since you are balanced in the air when performing the exercises, there is no resistance your body is facing.

The result is a less irritating workout for the joints.

Suspension training is an ideal option for older people and those recovering from injury.

It brings flexibility, motion flexibility, and active movements to strengthen the injured parts without much threat gradually.

 10- Efficient and Effective

Suspension training is efficient as it involves your body to train your body.

The whole workout consists of major muscle groups of the body and body gravity.

It does not need any particular gear or machinery.

Just you, your body, and few simple things like straps are required to achieve the best results.

It is a very simple, efficient, and effective method to enhance your body algorithms.

No doubt that suspension training is gaining popularity and is the cheaper way to train your body.

11- You Can Do It Anywhere

Suspension training uses your body weight and equipment like straps, handles, foot cradles, etc.

That is portable and convenient enough to move with.

It also means you do not have to worry about your workout schedule and move anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

12- Easy to Set Up at Home

You can set suspension exercises easily at home.

You can do this training at home, with the help of straps, rope, etc.

With such a method, your body weight is used against the body’s gravity and builds reflexes.

Suspension training uses rapid shifting of the workouts by simply changing your body position.

It is easy and very portable to do it anywhere at home when you set up suspension training at home.


Suspension training leads to a healthy exercise pattern.

It helps to gain better health, muscle abilities and core strength.

And above all lets us perform all day tiring activities with ease and efficiency.

Suspension Training is cheaper than other exercise modes also and easy to maneuver, and portable to do anywhere we go.

Therefore, it is gaining increasing popularity and is recommended for all age groups.


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