What is a Medicine Ball ? Why do we slam them and secret alternatives to Medicine Ball Slams

Do you know what medicine ball slam alternatives are?

Medicine ball slams are an effective way to perform a full-body exercise. However, it is not always a convenient option for everyone.

Medicine Ball Slam Risks

Though medicine ball slam exercises are declared generally safe as resistance training, there are chances of injuries if performed inappropriately.

Also, it is vital to follow a proper exercise regime to diminish the injury risk and obtain excellent exercise benefits. 


Twelve Best Medicine Ball Slam Alternatives

Below are some highly effective substitutes for medicine ball slams to consider: 

1.     Cable Machine   

If you have a cable machine, you can reproduce the perfect ball slam alternative at home

Begin by fastening a rope attachment to the end of the cable pushing it at the highest point on the machine.

Grip one end of the rope attachment (in each hand), then move back a few steps to create tension (arms extended over head). 

Breathe out and “slam” the rope attachment down toward the floor.

After this, you should move your arms down to your sides and end in a half short position, inhale and hold your arms back overhead.

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2.     Woodchops and Kettlebell 

If you’re looking for an excellent sideways medicine ball slam, kettlebell and woodchops are some model medicine ball substitutes at home.

Begin by standing with the feet about shoulder-width apart as you hold the kettlebell using both hands.

Then, pivot the hips marginally and move the kettlebell over to your right side.

After this, you need to breathe in and support your core.

Then, breathe out and stretch your hips as you swing the kettlebell overhead and towards the left side.

Crush your glutes, and breathe in.


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3.     Kettlebell Punches

Start with your feet about hip-distance apart.

As you move down to grasp the kettlebell handle, adjust your hips and move them in the backward position.

Then, grip the kettlebell handle as you breathe in, raise it off the floor, and jerk it through your legs (behind you to keep it as near to you as possible). 

So, when you breathe out, move your hips forward, squish the glutes.

Then, allow the impetus from the movement to move your arms and kettlebell away from the torso. 


4.     Sandbag Slams

You can fill any backpack with sand (3-5 pounds) to use for exercise.

This sandbag will play the role of a medicine ball.

Stand straight while you hold the bag.

Then, lift the bag over your skull.

After this, bang the bag on the floor as you squat.

Then, flex at the knees and hinge at your hips. And, lift the nags on both edges and clean them back till your abdomen.


5.     Stability Ball 

If you are interested in performing a low-intensity medicine ball slam alternative exercise, you will need a stability ball as a perfect replacement.

Stand a few feet away from the wall while facing it.

Then grip your stability ball at your abdomen. 

After this, squat down by flexing your knees.

Then, hinge at your hips (like you sit down in a chair). 

So, when you stand, toss the ball high into the air and against the wall surface.

Make sure to toss it hard enough that it bounces off the wall surface. 

Then, catch it when it comes downwards.


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6.     Resistance Band

Resistance bands are also a great option as you can easily carry them when you travel.

Stand while your feet are more than hip-width apart and press the center of a resistance band under your right foot. 

Then, firmly grip the handles with your palms and pull them up and to the left side above your skull while your arms are completely extended. 

Make sure that the band crosses slantwise across your body from the lower right to the upper left.

Then, gradually release the stiffness, and repeat.

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7.     Dumbbell Slams

With hands directed inward, you need to grab a weight in each hand (in a neutral style).

Then, lift the weights up and over your skull.

Gasp and support your core. 

As you breathe out, “slam” the weights, move them straight down toward your sides as you flex your knees and lower into a half squat. 

Then, keep holding the weights for the entire period while exercising.

You do not need to put it on the ground.

After this, gulp and press the weights back up to repeat the movement. 

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8.     Dumbbell Thrusters

Place your feet hip-distant apart and grip a dumbbell in each palm.

Then, curve your arms and move the dumbbell up so it can relax in front of your shoulders. 

Breathe in, lower down and take a squat position.

You should place your hips parallel to the ground. 

Then breathe out, and rise out of the squat position.

When you are in the standing position again, push the dumbbells straight up overhead.

Breathe out and repeat. 

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9.     Kettlebell Snatches

The kettlebell snatch is an ultra-modern kettlebell exercise and a perfect medicine ball chest pass alternative. 

Stand firmly on the ground while your feet are a hip-distance apart.

Then, place the kettlebell on the floor within the range of 6 inches (in front of you).

Position your hips back, and hold the kettlebell so that you would want to swing (but using only one hand).

After this, swing the kettlebell backward in between your limbs. 

Breathe in, breathe out, and swing the bell towards the front with the impetus emerging from your hips.

As the inactivity from the kettlebells begins to pull your arm in an upward position, signal your upper back muscles, discharge the fingers, jostle into the handle of the kettlebell with your hands. 

As the kettlebell swings over your palms, lock your arm in a single-press locus overhead.

Then, move the hand towards you and swing the kettlebell back down into the swing position as you breathe in. 

10.  Battle Rope Slam

Hold the battle rope in each hand (positioned in front of your hips). 

After this, you should stand straight with your feet and hands distanced about a shoulder-width.

Breathe in and prop your core, lift both arms over your skull, breathe out and move your arms explosively toward the ground.

Breathe in and repeat.

Source : Unsplash.com

11.  Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

Sumo deadlift high pulls are pretty helpful as real training and full-body strengthening exercises. 

Position your barbells on the ground.

Stand behind while your toes are beneath the bar and feet positioned 1.5 feet apart.

Then, you need to squat down and grip the bar using a solid, overhand, and shoulder-width grip. 

Then flatten your arms, drop your hips, and buzz your chest.

After this, stand up fierily, and lift the bar to your chest height. Then, lower down the weight to the ground and repeat. 

12.  Burpees

None of the conditioning workouts are complete without burpees.

So, to perform burpees, you need to stand while your feet are joined together. However, your palms need to be at your side.

You need to squat down and keep your hands flat on the ground in front of your feet (that are shoulder-width apart). 

Try not to curve your lower spine.

You must jump your feet out and back to the ground in a push-up position.

Then flex your arms, and lower down your abdomen to slightly touch the ground. 

After this, push up back to fully straighten your arms.

You must jump your feet in and below your body while your knees are near your elbows. Then spring up into the air as high as you can.

Land on slightly flexed knees, and repeat. 

Final Thoughts  

Research studies have shown that medicine ball slam training is a highly effective exercise that activates the whole core.

Also, it has been recognized as an essential tool in muscle development, angular specificity, and tissue activation which is otherwise not achieved by other exercises.  

You should try out these helpful and easy medicine ball slam alternative exercises and enjoy incredible benefits.

Just add any of the above exercises to your routine and feel the burn! 

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