What kind of exercise will reduce or stop height growth?

No industry other than health and wellness has a wide range of myths and half-truths.

Since health is a common concern that people have, so everyone pays attention to anything coming in connection to it.

Commonly the information or myth goes viral without verification.

One of the common myths that circulate in the industry is “Does working out stop you from growing taller?”

For the parents and kids in their growing age, it seems a big question and a point of concern.

Anyone who is a part of a young team and has to take training must have concerns related to vertical body growth.

Out of all this chaos, there is a myth alert, you do not have to quit training at all.

Before exploring the topic in detail, below are the research proven factors contributing to height growth halt:

  1. Unattended workout sessions
  2. Poor posture with weight training
  3. Random and unsuitable exercises
  4. Extreme exertion

What became the origin of the myth?

When there is no connection between gym training and halted height growth then how did this myth came into popularity?

To find out the answer, we have to roll back to 1964 in japan the myth started.

Researchers studied and found that kids working hard in their puberty years ends with short stature.

It is because excessive exertion closes their growth plates earlier and halts their process of height.

However, the study missed out on an integral factor of malnutrition and its impact on kid’s short stature in Japan at that time.

Containing a loop the study became viral and turned into a popular myth for the world in shaping a rather frequently asked question: “What kind of exercise will reduce or stop height growth?”

Exercise and height growth

Focusing on the myth people passed out the half information from generation to generation and still today there are questions like, “What kind of exercise will reduce or stop height growth?” exist.

The growth plates in the body are responsible for vertical growth.

At a young age, these plates are soft and prone to damage. Adults have more chances of experiencing fractures and other injuries while working out.

It is one of the reasons that people believe myths related to gym workout and curtailed height growth.

When it comes to knowing what kind of exercise will reduce or stop height growth? People refer to weight lifting at large.

There is a belief that extreme weights can damage the soft cartilage or growth plates by making them hard and causing physical maturity. Eventually, it stops the height growth and causes a small stature.

Scientifically, the growth plates are the soft cartilage that helps bones to grow vertically during puberty until the kid hit physical maturity.

Once, a kid is mature physically, these soft growth plates turn harder and lock the significant height. However, science is unable to prove workout affecting growth plates and height growth.

What things stop height growth?

We understand that there is a myth that exists among people related to workout at early age and height growth but it is not a confirmed myth.

It seems astonishing to know that the myth contains a reality behind it.

Science has proven that working out and physical exertion in adulthood helps to grow better and have flexibility.

While on the other hand, things are a bit fishy.

One wrong move during workout sessions and training can lead to some physical injuries and halt the height growth as well.

There is a fact lying behind the myth that some moves can stop height growth. If you want to know, which exercise will stop height growth?

Then stay tuned….

Unattended workout sessions

The rule of having sessions with trainers does apply to every single person who wants to work out. Specifically for the adults, the unattended workout sessions cause the most damage.

 Adults are unaware of their body structure, growth and behavior. When they hit the gym without any instructor, it involves more chances of injury and physical damage.

The wrong exercises like lifting weights and extreme stretch can cause overall damage.

Adults can strain their body that eventually makes them face many other issues along with stopped height growth at the same time.

Poor posture with weight lifting

Believing that weight lifting is not for adults is another myth that is nullified by a naturopathic Dr Rob Raponi. He mentioned, “Lifting weight does not damage the growth plates or stunts growth unless there is a poor posture involved.”

Even if an adult is doing it with the right posture, there will be an immense increase in overall height growth for sure.

In the search for the answers related to what kind of exercise will reduce or stop height growth?

We find out any exercise without proper posture can lead to drastic results.

The adults need to observe the right way of working out with weights and other machines at the gym. 

Random exercises

At a very young age, kids and adults do not have enough knowledge about their body.

They are unable to understand how their structure works.

The lack of information leads them to more potential damage than anything else.

At this point, they pick up any random exercise or moves and try them at the gym.

When there is no instructor or trainer for them to take care of everything, kids are going to self-train.

Remember, they are not qualified for that at all.

Instead, they require properly scheduled and monitored workout sessions that help them to grow taller and stronger.

Extreme exertion

Another myth is about the burning calories.

We believe that extreme exertion helps to burn more calories and leads to fitness, but things are the opposite.

The more you exert yourself the more you are exhausted and unable to grip your posture and balance.

It leads to vulnerability and potential damage.

You need to come up with a plan that helps your kid to rest and train at specific intervals.

Exertions can lead the young bones to have more damage and eventually cause health growth problems at large.

The right age of hitting the gym

If you believe that a gym is a place for mature individuals then there is some re-thinking required.  

It is a place for everyone from a kid to adult and even elders.

However, the routine and workout options for everyone are different.

It is not possible to expect a kid to follow an adult or mature workout routine.

If you wonder about the right age of hitting the gym then it is right between 12 years to 16 years.

At this point, the body is good enough to take the pressure and develop better with enough exertion.

Thinking of What kind of exercise will reduce or stop height growth?

At this age, the answer is none of the exercises will impact height growth.

Expert says, the first age bracket of 12 to 16 years lets a kid hit some safer exercise options such as skipping, swimming, or running followed by initial stretching.

These workout options do not involve many chances of injuries and help growth plates to stretch well.

After hitting 17 years of age, now it is favourable to move towards intense workout or training programs.

The skeleton is in good shape and able to take up the weights and strength exercises.

These exercises will help to improve the overall body strength and get some additional height and body growth.

It leads to a well-toned body with strength and a healthy lifestyle for a person to take up further. 

Training essentials to grow height

Finding an answer about what kind of exercise will reduce or stop height growth then needs to be reframed.

All you need is to be sure of what to avoid while exercising that can cause some real problem.

Before getting started with the training, here are some things you should consider. These advices coming from experts help you to avoid prolonged damage:

  • Have a warm-up or initial stretching before getting started. It helps the body o have better circulation and develop resistance to damage
  • Avoid extreme workout in the morning right after you woke up. That is the best time for a run or jog, but not for the weight lifting.
  • Moreover, avoid weight lifting in a position when it can affect the spine.
  • Never fall for random exercise or exhaust your body too much. It is better to train with a professional and avoids issues.

Bottom line

While looking for the answers about what kind of exercise will reduce or stop height growth, it is clear that exercise cannot do much wrong with height unless you are not careful.

It is all about taking care of what you are doing and plan things well. If you are at a young age train with a professional, there is no chance of having issues with height growth.

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